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You’re ready to place a resin supplies order with us.

And we can’t wait to get an order together for you. Here’s what happens next.

Shipping is fully trackable. You’ll receive this tracking information when we ship your order.

Almost all our resins, alcohol colors, and a few other items can only ship via UPS ground.

And a biggie here — delivery times are estimates and are not guaranteed, especially during December.

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Here’s what else you should know about buying supplies at Resin Obsession:

1.  Once your purchase is complete, the team is off and running on filling your order.  We can’t add to it.

2.  By making a purchase with us, you agree to help us and/or the carrier if your package gets lost or arrives damaged.  Please save all contents and contact us for further instructions.  All claims of missing or damaged items must be made within seven days of receipt.

3.  In the case of lost U.S. packages, 21 days from shipment will need to have passed in order for us to process a refund or send a replacement order.

4.  We reserve the right to withhold return proceeds from returned packages due to customer error or unwillingness to accept an order.  UPS doesn’t love us enough to return packages for free, especially if it’s coming back from outside the U.S.

5.  All claims of a package not received must be made within 30 days of the expected delivery date or within 30 days of the delivery confirmation shown by the carrier.  We’ll refund or replace it.

6.  We reserve the right to decline shipment should we determine your order may not be able to be delivered to you. Like in case of an alien invasion.  But let’s hope not.

Shipping terms vary by Polytek® brand as specified on Polytek® websites. You are responsible for the payment of all shipping costs. Depending on the Product, special or customer shipping options may be available as specified on Polytek® websites. Polytek® does not guarantee a delivery date. If you have a specified delivery date, please contact Polytek® via e-mail or phone. Polytek® shall pack and mark the Products according to its standard procedures for domestic and/or export delivery. For hazardous shipments, additional charges may apply and be added to your invoice. For “freeze-protect” on latex purchases, additional charges may apply. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all Products shall be sold and delivered Ex Works (Incoterms 2020) from Polytek®’s facilities. Title and risk of loss shall pass to Buyer simultaneously with delivery. Buyer assumes all risk and liability for, and hereby agrees to indemnify Polytek® from and against all losses, liabilities, damages and claims whatsoever (whether for personal injury, property damages or otherwise), arising out of transportation, including unloading, storage, handling or use of any Products after title passes to Buyer. Prepaid freight and fuel surcharges may apply to certain orders. No COD shipments. Buyer may arrange, at its costs, for insurance of the Products for shipping. In no event may Buyer re-package or reformulate the Products and then attempt to resell in parts.

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