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Resin painting techniques #71 and #72

Resin painting #71 Let’s try another negative space painting, but this time with black as the back.  I’ve also figured out that if I’m going to cover a painting, using the same colors in the next layer will work best should something show through. The cover painting for this new one is #55.  I mixed six… Read more »

Resin pendant ideas

Easy resin pendant ideas Looking for a way to make your resin pendants look unique?  Try these mixed media methods to give your next resin pendants a unique flair! Supplies used: Alumilite Amazing casting resin Rubber texture mat for clay Pearl Ex powders in magenta, sapphire blue, bright yellow, emerald Mixing cups Stir stix Nitrile... Read more »

Resin painting techniques #69 and #70

Resin painting #69 Well here’s something I never thought I would say. My resin painting got rained on.  Not kidding.  More to come on that, but right away.. For this painting, I mixed five ounces of resin.  Two were mixed with Resin Obsession opaque teal, two with Resin Obsession opaque yellow with a smidge of… Read more »

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