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How to resin flowers – make a resin pendant with dried flowers

How to use flowers in resin jewelry Originally written June 2013.  Updated July 2019. I love using flowers in jewelry.  It seems so natural and I love the final result.  This tutorial is going to show you how to resin flowers in a bezel pendant with a colorful background accent.   Supplies needed for this… Read more »

Yellow resin painting

It’s more transparent colors in resin this week.  This yellow resin painting comes from using orange, yellow and antique gold together over a white base. Resin formula I mixed 7 ounces of resin as I wanted to have a little extra for the white base.  Next, I then poured off about 2/3 ounce each into… Read more »

How to mix powder pigment into resin – 2 easy options

Wondering how to mix powder pigment into resin? Originally written June 2012.  Updated July 2019. There are a couple of different methods you can try. Before you start, you need to mix your resin and hardener together.  If you need help with that, this article shows how:  How to mix resin and hardener You also want… Read more »

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