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Bracelet making ideas

How to make a Tutti Frutti Bracelet By Myléne Hillam   If you are looking for some new bracelet making ideas, this project can be done in an afternoon! Supply list: FastCast Urethane resin Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments: Yellow Castin’Craft Translucent Dyes: Green Piñata Alcohol Ink: Señorita Magenta Silcone Trivet with square cavities (found in dollar... Read more »

Resin painting #90

Resin painting #90 I started this painting with the intention of doing a resin swipe.  While I did a couple of swipes, it morphed into me pushing resin over itself with a heat gun. Here’s how it started: I painted over my resin swipe painting from last week.  I mixed six ounces of resin and applied… Read more »

Beginner questions about resin jewelry making

  Originally published June 2012.  Updated December 2018. Frequently asked questions by those new to resin jewelry making Plus my resin jewelry making and crafting tips for beginners 1.  Is resin dangerous? You should always take the appropriate safety precautions when working with any resin. At a minimum, always wear gloves and work in well… Read more »

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