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How to fix sticky resin – What do I do with sticky resin?

If you find yourself in situation where you have sticky resin, don’t worry, you can fix it.  Here are some ways on how to fix sticky resin. Scenario 1: The cured resin is sticky on the surface like tape. Option 1. Recoat with another layer of freshly mixed resin and hardener. If your resin surface… Read more »

Resin painting #110

Let me say right away that I had nothing to do with these color choices.  It was not my idea to do a bright colors resin painting. I wanted to spend Mother’s Day painting pottery with my boys (ages 10 to 12).  When I couldn’t get anyone to do that with me, I decided to… Read more »

Why is my resin sticky – my resin is sticky – why does that happen?

You carefully select your resin, mix the two parts together, then pour it in your project only to find the next day that it is sticky or gooey. Sticky resin has got to be one of the worst things ever. It’s incredibly frustrating! No one wants to ask themselves ‘why is my resin sticky?’ There… Read more »

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