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Halloween jewelry ideas – Halloween resin jewelry tutorial

“Boo!” — Make your own Resin Halloween Ring and Earrings Set Originally published September 2012.  Updated September 2019. If you are looking for Halloween jewelry ideas, then you will love this simple project! Resin supplies list: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Glitter Reusable plastic resin cabochon mold 403 Sanding file Toothpicks Stir Stix Two-part epoxy… Read more »

Dirty pour flip cup resin painting

Since I had been having luck with the Resin Obsession white pigment and the transparent pigments working well together. I wanted to revisit a flip cup dirty pour.  I have always been disappointed that they come out muddy and hoped using transparent pigments would produce different results. Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear… Read more »

Why is my resin bendy? – Why is my resin flexible?

If you are asking yourself why is my resin bendy, there are a few reasons why this can happen: Resin needs more time to cure While a resin is curing, it will no longer be liquid, but can be soft and pliable. If this is happening to you, double check the cure time for your… Read more »

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