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What temperature should I mix resin? What is the best resin temperature?

What is the best temperature for working with resin? Originally written March 2013.  Updated March 2019 Did you know that your resin mixing temperature is essential for making sure your resin cures?  Making sure your resin and working area are the ideal temperatures will make sure your resin not only fully cures, but cures crystal… Read more »

Resin painting #102

I wanted to try spraying dimethicone on my paintings again, so that is what I focused on for this week’s resin painting direct pour technique. I started with a 12 inch white ceramic tile and mixed seven ounces of resin.  Next, I put 3/4 of an ounce into three cups and colored them with Resin… Read more »

10 easy resin pendant ideas even if you have no experience with resin

Looking for some easy resin pendant ideas for your next resin project?  (even if you have no experience with resin?)  I’ve got a few to share with you and they can all be made with one clear silicone resin pendant mold.  Not kidding! Supply list: 10 cavity pendant mold for casting resin pendants Resin Obsession… Read more »

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