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How to make resin flower jewelry

How to make resin flower jewelry by Michele Rober   Hello everybody! I’m back with another tutorial and I am so excited to share this one on how to make resin flower jewelry. This project uses pressed flowers to create stylish pendants that will last forever. Every time I am at a wedding, I always... Read more »

Resin painting techniques #76

Resin painting #76 I liked the technique of last week where I used my stirring utensil to draw through the resin.  I intended for this painting to be a puddle pour doing the same thing, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  (in a good way I think) I mixed five ounces of MasterCast resin.  Three… Read more »

Resin Jewelry Making – What every beginner needs to know

Are you a resin jewelry making beginner?  Don’t mix resin until you read this first! Originally published March 2014.  Updated August 2018. That might seem a bit dramatic, so let me back up a bit. I get a lot of really good questions from aspiring resin jewelry makers and crafters worldwide.  Many of those questions… Read more »

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