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Resin painting #94

In my quest of being thrifty and non-wasteful, I’m afraid I didn’t create the best painting this week. I decided painting #68 needed a do-over and I am frustrated with myself that I let it dictate how I poured this week’s painting. When I do a do-over with a white base, I need to either… Read more »

Resin Obsession brand ambassador

Passionate about resin? Love creating amazing art, jewelry and crafts with the Resin Obsession super clear resin or colors? Then you are invited to apply to be a Resin Obsession brand ambassador. Why become an ambassador? You have a passion for resin and are an active user of the Resin Obsession super clear resin and/or… Read more »

How to clean up resin

Who doesn’t start out the year with the goal of getting more organized in your resin studio? (My hand is up in case you are wondering.) You may be going through some of your resin supplies and deciding that you don’t need certain items anymore or perhaps you have supplies that are too old to… Read more »

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