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Make resin
Discover how easy it is to make things with resin.
Realize you are the artist you never knew you could be.
Getting the right resin supplies shouldn’t be so confusing.
professional quality resin for art
Achieve beautiful results from the first pour.
Rich Resin Colors
Get jewel-tone, metallic and deep opaque colors to make any project look perfect.
Dozens of mold styles
Buy molds to make jewelry to paperweights, dice to coasters, and everything in between.
Three easy steps is all it takes to become a confident resin creator:
What makes buying resin supplies at Resin Obsession different than other stores?
Whether you are creating art, jewelry or crafts with resin, Resin Obsession has the best resin supplies to help you create your next masterpiece.
Jewelry quality resin earrings
High-quality resin products
We only sell the resin supplies Katherine uses herself, meaning you can count on beautiful results from the first use.
Years of experience
Before taking over Resin Obsession, Katherine was an artist first, successfully selling resin jewelry in stores across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. She wrote an Amazon best-seller on resin jewelry making, which continues to be one of the highest-rated books in its category.
Years Of Experience
Commitment To Customers
Commitment to customers
Katherine’s passion for resin is only half the story at Resin Obsession. She is just as determined about ensuring all creators have an amazing experience with resin. While it was a while ago, Katherine still remembers the frustration of sticky, bubble-filled resin projects when first creating with resin. Helping others avoid that disappointment and instead, creating resin art, jewelry, and crafts that are good enough to share has always been her number one goal.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Resin

Stop guessing at the resin you need to use. Get expert advice to help you select the right one for your project.


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