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Resin painting techniques #82

Resin painting techniques #82 Let me stipulate from the beginning this was not the painting I intended.  I was trying to channel a vibrant sunset with a few clouds. I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  I split it into 4 cups — three cups with two ounces of resin and one cup of one ounce… Read more »

Safety tips for working with resin

Originally published March 2012.  Updated September 2018. Working with resin is fun, but precautions are necessary.  Here is what you should follow anytime you are working with resin. Proper ventilation Make sure there is fresh air entering a room when working with resin.  Open a window or use a fan if necessary. Wear disposable gloves… Read more »

Journal covers DIY

Journal covers DIY part 2 of how to make a journal cover By Karen Bearse Supplies: Resin Cups, Gloves, Stir sticks Resin Obsession Pigment for color Silicone Mold Prima Marketing Metallic Wax by Finnabair Hello resin fans! Today we are going to finish up the resin wrap around journal book. You can find Part 1... Read more »

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