10 Easy Resin Projects for Beginners

Easy resin projects for beginnersEpoxy resin is a fun medium to use to get crafty and spend creative time with friends. If you love making crafts, you’re going to love these resin projects specially created for beginners!

Why make crafts with resin?

Resin has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially with the recent COVID travel restrictions. It’s fun to make resin projects at home, plus you can easily make gifts for friends and family, even if you’re a beginner. For less than $100, you can get the resin supplies to do a few projects and have fun at the same time.

What crafts can you make with resin?

You may have already seen the jewelry you can create with resin, but there is so much more you can make! You can craft desk sets, wall décor, serving trays, bookmarks, drawer knobs, and that’s only a small list of what you can create. I’ve crafted with resin for almost 15 years and still find myself excited about everything you can make with it.

What is resin?

Resin is a liquid when activated, will turn into a solid. This happens when you add a hardener (for two-part resins) or ultraviolet light (for UV resin). It’s while it’s in the liquid state that we work with it. You can pour it into molds and open spaces, fill jewelry bezels, or coat surfaces.

What resin should beginners use for resin crafts?

This is a great question and one I struggled with when I started using resin years ago. It took me lots of trial and error to realize there is no one size fits all resin. Because of that, Resin Obsession offers multiple resin formulas tailored explicitly for the projects you see in all those Pinterest images. It starts with choosing the right resin for what you want to make!

Start by answering this question:

Are you filling a space or covering a surface?

If you chose FILLING A SPACE, you need to use a casting resin.

If you chose COVERING A SURFACE, you need to use a doming resin.

Say what? Like what does that mean?

Casting resins mix in a thin viscosity, allowing them to easily fill open spaces like molds and table spaces. They also release bubbles quickly, letting you get crystal-clear castings. However, because they mix thin, they don’t self-level over a flat surface.

On the other hand, doming resins mix thicker, which allows them to coat surfaces without holes and divots. This formula evenly self-levels, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.  They tend to hang on to bubbles though, so you shouldn’t pour them in layers of more than 1/8 inch.

The easiest way for a beginner to start making resin crafts is with a starter resin kit.

Beginner resin jewelry making kit

This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to learn jewelry making with and resin and bezel blanks. You get

*8 ounce kit of Resin Obsession crystal doming resin
*20 pendant trays
*Mixing supplies
*Safety gloves

Beginner resin casting kit

If you want to try using resin in a mold, this is the beginner kit for you. It comes with

*6 ounce kit of Resin Obsession super clear resin
*Resin Obsession exclusive silicone mold
*Mixing supplies
*Safety gloves

These resin beginner kits also make great birthday and Christmas gifts for the crafter on your list.

What else should beginners know before making resin projects?

Measuring and mixing is everything to getting beautiful results. If you don’t pay close attention to this step, your resin may cure sticky or maybe not at all. It’s easy to think you only have to do this ‘good enough,’ but I promise you, it’s pretty essential.

Ready to get started? Here are some of my favorite resin projects for beginners to make.

Tic tac toe set

tic tac toe game

Long car ride ahead? Family game night planned? Why not make your own game with resin?! The hardest part will be deciding if the game is more fun to make or play.

Resin wine caddy

wine bottle with resin wine caddy and glasses

I love making these for housewarming gifts. It makes gifting a bottle of wine even more fun.

Bottlecap resin coaster

bottle cap resin coaster

Cmon. Admit it. You save bottle caps, too, without knowing what you’re going to do with them. Well, here you go. These coasters are the perfect gift to give and the easiest resin crafts for beginners to make!

Confetti cake stand

DIY sprinkles cupcake stand

Resin doesn’t always have to be the star of the show. It can play a supporting role, as in the case of this cake stand. It’s what you need to apply candy sprinkles to a store-bought cake stand.

Valentine’s Day wall art

resin heart art

A little bit of imagination is all it takes to dress up ordinary frames. You will love how simple it is to make this happen with resin.

Trinket box

square resin trinket boxMake a box with resin that can hold rings, paper clips, or other small trinkets. You easily personalize them by adding unique charms and mementos.


resin paperweight

This has got to be one of the easiest resin crafts projects for beginners to try. I love how you can be completely creative with these. You can make something that makes a welcome addition to a desk.

Christmas ornaments

resin painting DIY Christmas ornaments

Okay, this might be the most fun you can have in an afternoon. Start with ceramic ornaments, then add resin to take them to the next level. Wait until you see how easy these are to make!

Mint tin koi pond

Mini koi pond inside a mint tin made from resin

Does anyone else have kids begging for a pet that you know you will end up taking care of? In that case, try making a tiny fishpond that doesn’t require you to feed the fish. This one is so much easier to care for!

Resin paper bookmarks

applying resin to papers with a sponge

This might end up being the project you make the most because it’s a simple leftover resin project. Save your scraps of paper, then coat them in resin. Once cured, you can use them to mark the spot in your book.

Ready to try making resin crafts but hesitant to get started?

I get it. Your time and resources are precious, and the idea of making a mistake can be overwhelming and enough to keep you from trying.

It’s why I wrote my book, Resin Fundamentals. Instead of trial and error, learn from my fifteen years of resin experience and feel confident making resin crafts with the book specially written for beginners! Buy the eBook now and a download link comes to your email inbox in minutes.

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