{Ten} EASY resin epoxy projects for beginners

Ten easy epoxy projects for beginnersHey epoxy resin creators, if you are looking for simple things to make with resin, then you are going to love this list of ten easy epoxy projects for beginners!

Lookalike amber


finished amber pendants

Did you know that amber is nature’s resin? It is fossilized tree sap that often traps bugs and other natural elements. You can make your version and not have to wait centuries for it to happen! All you need is amber resin dye plus some textural elements to make it look like something from nature. See how making amber resin charms is so easy!

Faux opals

faux resin opal

If amber isn’t your thing, maybe making resin look like opals is the beauty you crave. You can make resin look like semi-precious opal stones. All it takes is adding iridescent flakes to reflect the light as opals do. Learn how to make lookalike opals with resin.

Craft tape resin bracelet

craft tape bracelet

Ever find yourself in the scrapbooking section of a craft store staring at the patterned tapes thinking there has to be a way to turn these into jewelry? Let me assure you.  Yes. You. Can! With a bit of simple prep work, you can include those colorful and crafty tape patterns in your next resin bracelet project.

Bottlecap resin coaster

bottle cap resin coaster

Start saving the bottlecaps from your favorite beverage. They are the start of many epoxy projects beginners love to make! (And if you don’t have enough to get started, you can buy them on eBay!). You will love how they instantly give style to your resin coasters without any special techniques. Here’s how you make a bottle cap resin coaster.

Resin jewelry charms

two tone resin jewelry

Let me share a little secret with you. The easiest way to make resin charms wearable is to use resin jewelry molds that cast with the findings holes in place. That means instead of drilling holes in the resin charms, the resin forms around a stem, leaving a hole when you remove the charms. That means you don’t need any special equipment or skills to turn your charms into wearable jewelry. Simply demold, attach jewelry findings, and wear! Here’s the easiest resin jewelry project you will ever make.

Holiday magnets

holiday resin magnets

Love making handmade gifts at the holidays, but running out of ideas? That’s where this resin magnet project comes in! Make dozens of these in a weekend to give to friends, neighbors, and co-workers as a cute holiday gift. (And they can double as pendants!)

Mason jar centerpiece

If you love collecting Mason Jars, then wait until you see what you can do with them and resin! Add colored resin to the jars, then turn them into a vase for your next flower bouquet. It’s easy to make these Mason Jar centerpieces for tables!

Resin paper magnet

resin paper magnet

Turn your leftover paper scraps into your next refrigerator or locker magnet. And the best part of this project? It’s a great one to take on when you have leftover resin, so you don’t waste it! Here’s how to make a resin paper magnet.

Keyboard ring

keyboard rings

Wait – don’t throw those old computer parts away. You just might be able to turn them into a piece of jewelry! Start with an old keyboard and learn how you can turn it into a fashion ring. Hint – the trick is using epoxy resin!  The only trouble you will have is deciding if this keyboard resin ring project is more fun to make or share!

Christmas tree ornaments

resin Christmas ornaments

Create a unique ornament for your Christmas tree! It’s great to remember a special memory from the year to keep close to you for future holidays.  You won’t believe how easy these are to make and personalize!  It all starts with using a holiday silicone resin mold.


Ready to get started with these easy epoxy projects for beginners but hesitant to get started?

I get it. There is a lot of information out there about how to craft with resin, and it’s hard to sort through it all. It’s why I wrote the book, Resin Fundamentals. I’ve condensed my fifteen years of resin experience into a book you can read this afternoon. Go from confused to confident with resin in no time! Buy the eBook now and get a download link in minutes.

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