Spilling The Tea On All Things Leaf Earrings

leaf earrings fall jewelry ideaSo the temperature is changing, and it’s time to pull out the boots and chunky sweaters. And what goes with your outfit better than a grande iced nonfat chai tea latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice? Leaf earrings that you make yourself.

Supply List:

Metal leaf earrings
Masking tape
Resin Obsession crystal doming jewelry resin
Mixing supplies
Candy sprinkles
Earring wires

pressing leaf onto tape

Step 1: Press the leaves onto tape

Press the leaves onto the sticky side of the tape.

metal leaves on tape

Make sure the entire leaf is stuck to the tape, so the resin doesn’t run underneath.

spreading resin over earrings

Step 2: Add resin

Mix crystal doming resin and drip over the resin surface. Use a toothpick to add a few drops at a time.

The doming resin part is important here because it mixes thick. That gooey consistency is what lets it sit on top of the leaf earrings and not run over the side.

💡 Pro tip: These leaf earrings won’t take much resin. So you don’t waste any, you can have these earrings ready to make when you’ve mixed crystal doming resin for another project. Like an epoxy tumbler or photo pendant.

adding sprinkles to epoxy

Step 3: Add sprinkles

Add fall-colored sprinkles to your liking. I wanted some of the clear resin to peek through, but you can load your earrings up if you like.

resin earring with fall sprinkles

Then, let the resin cure.

peeling leaf away from tape

Step 4: Add more resin

Peel the earrings away from the tape, then flip them over. Add more clear epoxy doming resin to the back. Set it aside to dry.

Step 5: Finish

Peel away from the tape and add earring findings.

Ta-Da! You just learned how to make leaf earrings.

resin and leaf earrings

I hung my leaf earrings with the sprinkles on the back to see the leaf veining easier. But, of course, you can turn them the other way.

The best part of making these leaf earrings is that it takes no fancy equipment. Buying the leaf earrings made it super easy to jump-start this resin project. Especially since they come with holes at the top for your earring hardware.

Want to learn about resin while avoiding expensive mistakes?

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