The simplest ways to make the best epoxy craft projects

Ultimate list of resin crafting projects

Doing craft projects with epoxy resin is a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. Not only that but you can get started relatively inexpensively. Before I get into the epoxy craft projects you can make at home, there are some resin basics to get you familiar with using epoxy.

What is resin?

In making these craft projects, we are using two-part epoxy resin kits. These kits contain two bottles; one is the Part A resin, the other is the Part B hardener. When specific amounts of each are mixed, the combo heats up, and the resin hardens or cures.

What is the difference between resin and epoxy resin?

Epoxy is a kind of resin. You may see other resin types like polyurethane or polyester. We aren’t going to use them in these projects as they can be a little tough to work with for beginners. If you want to learn more about them, I go into more detail here: what are the different types of resin?

How do I use epoxy resin?

Every resin kit has specific instructions. You will want to follow them carefully so that your resin dries like you are expecting. Epoxy resins generally mix by volume, combining a certain amount of Part A to a specific amount of Part B. You then mix the parts together for a few minutes, until the mix is clear and streak-free. Once this happens, you have approximately 20 to 40 minutes to use the mixed resin, depending on the formula. If you want an in-depth lesson on how to mix resin for epoxy craft projects, this will help: how to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

How much epoxy resin do I need for craft projects?

There are a few different ways you can figure out how much epoxy resin you need for your project. You will need to take measurements of the space you intend to fill or coat with resin. From there, you have a few different ways to calculate how much resin you need. The easiest way is to use our resin calculator. It does all the hard math for you!

If you find you have mixed too much resin, don’t waste it! Here are some creative leftover resin projects.

Is it safe to use epoxy resin?

Like any other chemical, there are certain precautions you need to take to make sure to keep yourself safe. At a minimum, you need to wear protective gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. You also need to be sure you are using a resin that conforms to ASTM D-4236. This means the resin has been reviewed by a third-party auditor and determined to be safe for use for art purposes. A resin without this certification is not only illegal to sell in the United States, but it also isn’t safe to use.

Here are more details about how to use resin safely.

What epoxy resin should I use?

If you are working in molds, you want to use a casting resin.

They mix thin, like water, and can be poured in thick layers.

For pours of 3 ounces or less, you want to use the Resin Obsession super clear resin

*20 to 25-minute open time
*Dry in 12 hours
*Cures crystal clear and hard
*Safe toxicologist reviewed formula that conforms to ASTM D-4236

For pours of 3 ounces or more, you want to use the Resin Obsession deep pour resin

*30 to 90-minute open time
*Pour up to two inches thick at once
*Dry in 48 to 72 hours
*Cures hard and crystal-clear
*Safe toxicologist reviewed formula that conforms to ASTM D-4236

If you want to create a coating on something, you need to use a doming resin.

They mix thick, like honey, so they will self-level and make an even finish.

For small projects like jewelry and tumblers, the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin works excellent.

*30 to 50-minute open time
*Cured in 18 to 24 hours
*Our best level of UV protection
*Safe toxicologist reviewed formula that conforms to ASTM D-4236

For larger crafting projects like coating paintings, photographs, countertops, and other large surfaces, the Resin Obsession Artwork Resin is a perfect choice.

*20 to 35 minute working time
*Dry in 18 to 24 hours
*Economical choice for large projects – a great combination of value and UV protection
*Safe toxicologist reviewed formula that conforms to ASTM D-4236

What supplies do you need for epoxy craft projects?

While there are going to be some specific things you will need for each project, here are a few staples to have on hand if you’re going to make anything with resin:


We’ve covered a lot of resin details already, so I won’t go over them again here except to say if you want to learn more about what resin you should use, our resin buying guide will help.


Because working with resin can get messy, you need to protect your area from spills and drips. This list covers the surfaces resin won’t stick to and make a great way to protect your craft table.



Resin molds or some other vessel to pour the resin into. You can use plastic molds or silicone molds to make resin crafts.


When coloring your resin, you might be wondering which are the best resin colors for resin crafts. Colors designed specifically for resin will get you the best results.  Why?

*They are formulated to color resin and won’t affect curing.
*They won’t dull or change colors with time.
*You can expect them to color resin the same way every time.

Here are the colors I like to use:

Opaque resin colors

Transparent resin colors

Metallic resin colors


This is a catch-all term for other fun things like beads, papers, foils, and other fun things to put into resin. Here are ten ideas of things you can add to resin.


Resin cups are essential to make sure you accurately measure the resin and hardener.


Plastic stir paddles are a great way to make sure you get your resin thoroughly mixed. Thorough mixing is vital to making sure that not only your resin cures but cures without any sticky spots.


Resin kits contain chemicals that can irritate your skin. Protecting your hands with safety gloves is a must.


I like to use a heat gun to remove bubbles. It’s safer than using something like a barbecue lighter or a propane torch.

Now that you’ve gotten the epoxy basics, what are some craft projects you can make with resin?

Wood slice and resin coaster


wood and resin coasters

These make the perfect man-cave coaster.  They give beverages that extra special touch.

Decorate a tumbler

resin tumbler with booksGive an ordinary stainless steel tumbler an amazing finish with epoxy resin.

Decorate a cake stand with sprinkles


DIY sprinkles cupcake standTurn an ordinary cake stand into a work of art all onto itself!

Trinket boxes


resin trinket boxesMake a handmade box for small jewelry items, paper clips, and other things you don’t want to get lost.

Apply a glossy layer of resin to a photograph

Finished - Resin a Photo on CanvasTake a favorite photograph and forever immortalize it in resin.

Apply glitter and resin to a drink tumbler


stainless steel tumbler covered with glitter and resinGive your favorite beverage the sparkle it deserves.

Make a holiday-themed bookmark

skeleton bookmark

Get your favorite paper book in on the holiday celebration!

Make a resin coaster with flowers


flower resin coasterDry your favorite flowers and include them in a coaster.

Create a photo collage board


spread resin over the collage surfaceThis is the perfect gift for mothers and grandmothers!

Resin keychains

resin paw print keychain charms

Your keys will never look so fancy!

Craft a wall clock

epoxy resin clock

This project is easier than it looks!

Embellish a wood tray with resin

resin tray tutorial

Start with a wood tray and add some other fun stuff.  It will be the perfect resting place for keys, smartphones, and pocket change.

Make a resin planter

resin planter on desk

Craft a planter for your favorite succulent.

Make a bottle cap resin coaster

bottle cap resin coaster

Save the bottle caps from your favorite beverage and include them in a resin coaster.

Want more epoxy craft projects?

Then you will want to get your copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  The Amazon best-seller has several projects that you can make this weekend!  Buy the book and receive an email with the download link in minutes.


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