How To Makeover A Dollar Store Frame With Resin

dollar store frame crafting with resin

Can you even be a resin artist if you aren’t a little (or a lot) thrifty? Now I’m not judging. Being thrifty forces you to think creatively, which is a valuable artistic skill. And on a recent dollar store trip, I found this frame that I challenged myself to give a resin makeover.

dollar store frame and wood cutouts

Supply list:

Dollar store frame
Wood cutouts to fit the frame
White paint
Washi tape
Clear-drying glue
Resin Obsession crystal doming resin
Mixing cups
Stirring sticks
Safety gloves


Glitter glue or assorted glitters

set up for painting dollar store frame

Step 1: Paint the frame and cutouts

Paint the frame a color you like. This color will be visible once your dollar store frame project is complete.

Paint your accessories too. Depending on where you apply washi tape, you may or may not see the paint color when you’re done.

Spray painting makes this step quicker. But, you can also paint the dollar store frame and accessories by hand.

pressing washi tape onto a wood cutout

Step 2: Add tape

Add washi tape to your accessories. You’ll create visual interest by using tapes of varying widths and patterns.

applying glue to a wood cutout

💡 Pro tip: Washi tape isn’t very sticky. I always add a layer of glue before adding the tape.

trimming washi tape

Trim the tape to the edge of your cutout.

Because washi tape can have a waxy coating that can repel resin, you want to coat it with your glue.

adding glue to cutout

[OPTIONAL] Step 3: Add glitter

Highlight the details with glitter glue to give extra sparkle to your cutouts.

💡 Pro tip: While you can brush on glue and sprinkle glitter, the glitter glue is easier to control.

Give the glue several hours to dry before going to the next step.

adding clear epoxy to wood cutout

Step 4: Add clear epoxy

Mix the crystal doming resin and add to the cutouts. This part is tricky, so go slow.

spreading doming epoxy resin

Add a few drops of resin at a time, then use a toothpick to draw the resin to the edge.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re a resin beginner, check out this article on mixing resin.

Once you’re done, let the resin cure.

dollar store frame with resin accents

Step 5: Finish

Glue the wood cutouts to the frame with E6000. Then, put a favorite picture in the center.

I love how this dollar store frame looks more than a dollar store frame now. The wood cutouts add to the theme of the picture.

Looking for more resin inspo?

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