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How to Resin a Photo – Resin coat a photograph

How to Resin a Photo on Canvas - IG How to Resin a Photo - Great Alternative to Framing! by Penny Reid I have no idea how it took me so long to bring together my two passions, photography, and resin! Maybe I simply needed just the right photo. This one was taken during the Annual Air Show in Toronto (where I live) and... Read more »

Ideas for resin – recycle a juice can lid into your next resin project

ideas for resin

How to use a juice can lid for your next resin project Originally published September 2014.  Updated May 2020. Looking for ideas for resin?  Sometimes finding your next resin project might just be one step away from the trash. One of the neat things about resin (or one its downfalls depending on how you look… Read more »

Resin bookmark – make your own bookmark with resin

resin bookmark

by Penny Reid Dying to have some fun this Halloween? Well, this tutorial should lift your spirits! I am going to show you how to make a boo-tiful bookmark with four simple things: resin, paper, string, and charms.     Supplies needed: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Bookmark Mold Embossing gun (or other heating… Read more »

How to epoxy resin a tumbler – make a resin tumbler

make a resin tumbler

If you are wondering how to epoxy resin a tumbler, you are in the right place!  Applying a coat of epoxy resin to a tumbler is a great way to personalize or seal your artwork.  Here are the steps to epoxy a tumbler. Choose a tumbler Stainless steel tumblers work best.  Resin likes to stick… Read more »

Resin Projects – easy paperweight tutorial

resin projects

  Originally written 2014.  Updated May 2020. One of my favorite resin projects is to make resin paperweights.  They make great gifts for almost anyone.  By adding something that’s personal to the recipient, you can truly make it a special and memorable gift. Step 1 Apply a light coat of mold release to your mold. … Read more »

Flowers in resin – resin coaster with flowers

flowers in resin

One of the joys of living in Florida is having access to so many beautiful flowers in the Spring.  They grow wild, which is something I’m grateful for since I can’t grow anything. Gather supplies For this coaster, you are going to need: Resin Obsession super clear resin Mixing cups Silicone resin coaster mold (I’m… Read more »

How to shape resin – shape resin to form a bowl

If you have ever asked yourself how to shape resin, let me assure you that you can!  I made this bowl after having some leftover resin from my mother’s day gift idea where I finished a photo collage board with resin. Making a resin bowl is a great leftover resin project, so have your supplies… Read more »

Resin wall art – Keepsake resin tile coaster

resin wall art Originally written February 2015.  Updated May 2020. Creating resin wall art is as simple as using paint markers on a ceramic tile, then finishing with a glaze of resin.  This is a simple project and even makes a great birthday gift of DIY Father's Day gift! Step 1 Gather paint markers in assorted colors to... Read more »

Mother’s day diy gift idea – photo collage board

photo collage board project

In trying to decide what I (yes, I mean I because my husband TOTALLY forgets to take care of his mother) should get my mother-in-law this year for Mother’s Day, I thought this photo collage board finished with resin would be the perfect Mother’s day DIY gift idea.  She is like many older folks who… Read more »

Resin paper magnet tutorial – make resin papers

Originally written January 2014.  Updated April 2020. I hate wasting resin.  I always try to have a series of ‘experiments’ ready to go whenever I have some leftover.  This resin paper magnet tutorial shows you how to use your leftover resin on a cute and thrifty crafting project. Step 1 This project works best when… Read more »