Resin pendant ideas – Mixed media resin project

easy resin pendant ideas

Looking for a way to make your resin pendants look unique?  Try these mixed media methods to give your next resin pendants a unique flair!

resin pendant supplies

Resin supplies used:

Alumilite Amazing casting resin
Rubber texture mat for clay
Pearl Ex powders in magenta, sapphire blue, bright yellow, emerald
Mixing cups
Stir stix
Nitrile gloves
1 inch round silver pendant bezels
Marker, circle template, scissors, paintbrush
Acrylic metallic based paint
Alumilite Amazing clear cast epoxy resin
Transparencies printed with clip art or quotes
Assorted glitters and micas
Ball chain necklacesapplying Pearl Ex powders to a rubber stamp surface

Step 1

Use a paintbrush to apply Pearl Ex powders to the surface of the rubber texture stamp.



Step 2

Not shown:  Measure 10 ml each of part A and part B of the amazing casting resin.  Mix together well, which takes about one minute.

Note:  This is a quick curing resin.  You need to have everything ready for the next steps before mixing the resin parts together.


applying resin to a stamp surface


Step 3

Pour the mixed resin over the rubber pad and allow to spread.

Pro tip:  The more you spread the resin over the pad, the thinner the resin sheet will be.  This will give you more room in your bezel to add more layers of clear resin later.



Peeling resin away from a rubber pad

Step 4

When the resin has cured enough to be solid, but still flexible (approximately 10 to 15 minutes after mixing), peel it away from the rubber mat.  Allow it to cure for several more hours or overnight before proceeding.

tracing circle onto resin using template

Step 5

Using the circle template and the marker, find several areas of the cured resin that look interesting for a pendant base.  Mark the circle so you know where to cut.

I think this is where I spent the most time thinking about my resin pendant ideas.  This sheet of resin produced so many interesting designs.  There are so many areas to choose from!

cutting a circle of cured resin

Step 6

Use heavy-duty scissors to cut the circles away from the resin sheet.

Pro tip:  Cut your circle a little larger rather than a little smaller.   You can use a coarse nail file or sandpaper to even up edges as necessary.

checking fit of resin in pendant

Make sure your circles fit snugly and trim or sand as necessary.


painting a silver bezel

Step 7 (optional)

Because it’s hard to get an exact fit inside the bezels, I painted the bezel base.  This will make any blank spaces around the edges or holes in the resin sheet harder to notice if the background is another color than silver.

Allow drying for 30 minutes before going on to the next step.


applying resin to a bezel

Step 8

Mix a small batch of Amazing clear cast epoxy.  Dab a small amount in the base of the resin bezel and push around to coat.  The resin is serving as a glue in this step.

Note:  Put less resin in the bezel than you think you need.  It doesn’t take much and will keep you from cleaning up spills later.


Placing the pendants on a drying mat is helpful because the open spaces allow room for the bail, letting the pendants lie flat.

add textured base to pendant


Step 9

Add the textured circle to the pendant base.

Pro tip:  Dipping the circle in the cup of resin first will break the surface tension and make bubbles less of a problem.

Not shown:  You can add a little bit of glitter onto the base as well.

Let cure for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

sizing a transparency for the bezel

Step 10

Cut transparencies with printed art or sayings into pieces to fit in the bezel for the second layer.

Note:  I like to create the clip art, then get them copied on transparency sheets at a copy/print store.  They don’t require sealing before adding to resin.

adding words to resin pendants

Step 11

Mix another batch of Amazing clear cast resin.  Dip the transparency in the cup of resin and apply to the pendant.  Drip in more resin as necessary to fill the bezel cup and create a nice dome.

Applying glitter to resin pendant

You can apply more glitter in this layer as well.  Use your stir stick or a toothpick to push the pieces around as necessary.

Allow to cure for 24 hours.



resin mixed media pendants

Once they are cured, hang on necklaces to wear.

I think this one is my favorite.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself to breathe.

Which of these resin pendant ideas is your favorite?

Get the video version of the tutorial here:

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10 thoughts on “Resin pendant ideas – Mixed media resin project

  1. This is awesome info, but I have a question. I have been doing bezel necklaces almost like this, but using finger nail polish. I’m having weird problems with it. If I do everything in the house I only get surface bubbles, but if I do it outside I not only get surface bubbles, but it also looks like the design is lifting. I also get weird cracking in them. I would like to know what I’m doing wrong, if possible.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have any experience making pendants like these with fingernail polish.

  2. So you cannot see the edges of the transparency film at all? With transparency film, would you recommend putting in directly in your resin or the transfer like you also show?

  3. Love your work. New to it all. Question. I got a over zealous sanding the metal. Is there a way to save the metal. Maybe a metal touch up paint. Thanks for your help.

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