How To Use Transparencies In Resin Like A Ninja

I am putting this step-by-step tutorial on this wonderful resin website for everyone interested in how to use transparencies in resin pendants. I could get no in-depth help from anyone on how to work with transparencies and add them to resin jewelry, so I decided to learn this process myself. It took time through trial […]

How To Resin Flowers Like A Boss

Learning how to use flowers in resin is the ultimate project. It’s such a classic look, not to mention a great way to preserve flowers for eternity. You can use wedding flowers or maybe even ones you dry from your garden. You’re going to love the final result. Resin supply list: Resin Obsession crystal doming […]

How To Make Mandala Pendants with Resin

I love making mandala pendants. While they look totally cool against the light and on light-colored clothing, you can’t always see the pendant’s beauty unless they get a lot of light through them. With this in mind, I created the light behind the design by using transparencies and metal leaf. By making these couple of […]

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