How to Make A Domino Pendant The Easy Way

Who’s into resin and recycling? Cool. I was hoping you would say that. Here’s how you can turn a domino into a pendant with resin. 💡 Pro tip: If you don’t have dominos, you can substitute Scrabble© tiles. Resin supplies list: Resin Obsession crystal doming resin Mod podge glue Dominoes 1-ounce reusable plastic mixing cups […]

How To Resin Flowers Like A Boss

Learning how to use flowers in resin is the ultimate project. It’s such a classic look, not to mention a great way to preserve flowers for eternity. You can use wedding flowers or maybe even ones you dry from your garden. You’re going to love the final result. Resin supply list: Resin Obsession crystal doming […]

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