Resin pendants DIY – The Easiest way to make resin pendants

Easiest way to make resin pendants

Because I have worked with resin for so long, I sometimes forget that getting started can be overwhelming.  For this week’s tutorial, we are getting back to basics and hopefully inspiring resin newbies to jump into their first resin pendants DIY project!

rub on transfer sheets

If you have spent any amount of time here, you know I am a sucker for anything from the bargain bin.  On one of my latest trips, I found these rub-on transfers that I thought would be perfect for resin pendants.

Resin Supplies list:

Mixing cups
Nitrile gloves
Resin Obsession super clear resin
Resin Obsession color pigments
Pendant blanks

adding purple pigment to clear resin


Purple resin pendant projects

Step 1

I mixed 15 ml of Resin Obsession super clear resin to get started, then used a tiny bit of Resin Obsession opaque purple to color the resin.  It doesn’t take much for a resin volume this small.

pouring purple resin into a pendant blank


Step 2

Pour a little bit of resin into a pendant blank.  I used a 1 inch round bezel blank.  Do not overfill the bezel as you need to leave yourself some room for what we are doing later.

rolling the resin around inside a bezel blank


Step 3

Roll the resin around inside the bezel.  You want to coat it so it’s thick enough to cover the bottom, but you still have enough room to pour another layer.  Once you have your pendant covered, allow the resin to fully cure before moving on to the next step.

There are so many cute designs on this transfer sheet.  It was hard to choose!  I finally settled on the dragonfly.

rubbing a transfer onto cured resin in a bezel pendant


Step 4

Use a jewelry burnisher to rub the transfer onto the resin.  It came off very easily, and I suspect it could easily come off with a fingernail.

resin pendant with polka dots

I made a pendant with polka dots all over it too.


Blue resin pendant projects

Step 1

Of course, I couldn’t stop with one color, so I also mixed the super clear resin with some transparent blue pigment and pearl powder.

After mixing the resin, pour it into your bezels to cover the bottom.  I used extra-large rectangle bezels blanks.

You can see the different effects you can make with the pearl powder.  Both pendants had the same amount of transparent blue color, but the pendant on the left had a lot more pearl powder.

Note:  Mix the pearl powder into the effect you want to get, but know that the more you mix in, the more likely you are to get lumps you may have to scoop out later.

Allow the resin to cure before moving on.

rubbing transfer hearts onto cured resin


Step 2

Use the same technique as above to transfer the rub-ons.

adding a clear layer of resin to bezel pendants


Next step – both pendants

Once the transfers are complete, mix another batch of super clear resin.  Carefully add it as the next layer to the pendants.

adding clear resin to pendants

Since the bail on a pendant can tilt your pendant forward, I like to place mine on a drying mat before pouring.  The bail can rest in one of the open spaces, allowing it to stay level.

Leave the pendants to cure.

resin pendants

I love how these turned out — and can’t believe how easy they were to make.

cat pendant with resin

The rub-ons gave great details on these resin pendants.  I think for next time, I would do two clear layer pours, placing rub-ons on different clear layers.

What do you think of this resin pendants DIY project?

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14 thoughts on “Resin pendants DIY – The Easiest way to make resin pendants

  1. I LOVE this post! But I can’t find a place where I can get interesting transfers. I’ve tried Michaels, Dick Blick, Amazon, EBay. Where are you getting these great transfers?

    1. has tons of “rub on transfers”. Here’s a link:

      To see more than the 20 pages of results, pick one of the individual departments in the left menu. You can alos arrange Amazon results by price, once you are in an individual department. Look for the drop down menu on the upper right.

      You can use Goolge search too to find tons of others. I use Google daily for info on many subjects. Try “rub on transfers crafting”, “transfers for jewelry”, “rub on heart transfers”, or any other wording combination and you will get some different results for each. You can search by websites or by images. I right click on items that look promising and open it in another tab. When I have ten or more tabs open, I visit each one and eliminate the ones I’m not interetsed in. That keeps your Google search page scrolled to the place you are woring . I hope that helps!

  2. I love the pendant idea. I am new to resin casting and just placed my first order. I can see many holiday and birthday gifts for my friends. Who doesn’t want a pendant with their grandkids or furry companions? The next project after the pendant with be the switch plate covers.

  3. Great to see great minds think alike and shop at the same place. I found the same transfers in the bin at Hobby Lobby too. And use them in my resin pendants. I also use them on jeweler’s clay as well. Always with a resin top coat.

  4. I tried using resin on an orgonite pyramid yesterday but when I poured in my resin with black glitter, it sunk past my gold flakes. What could I have done wrong?

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