The A to Z of Making Geode Resin Coasters

If you’ve been wondering how to make geode resin coasters, then you’re going to like love this.  You’ll learn, not one, BUT TWO ways to make the epoxy resin coasters. And the best part is that they make great gifts.  Whether you need something for a man cave or a fancy living room, geode resin […]

See How Easily You Can Make A Faux Opal

Love opal jewelry but don’t love the price? Making a faux opal with epoxy resin is fun and easier than you might think. Not only are they fun to create, but they will cost you only a fraction of the price of real opals. Supply list: Cabochon jewelry mold Resin mold release Iridescent papers Resin […]

How To Use Transparencies In Resin Like A Ninja

I am putting this step-by-step tutorial on this wonderful resin website for everyone interested in how to use transparencies in resin pendants. I could get no in-depth help from anyone on how to work with transparencies and add them to resin jewelry, so I decided to learn this process myself. It took time through trial […]

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