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DIY scarf pin – make a scarf pin with resin

DIY scarf pin How to make a scarf pin by Jasmine Moore -Large button reusable silicone mold -Resin (I used Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin and Easy Cast) -White opaque pigment -Glitter (optional) -Alcohol markers -Rubbing Alcohol -Mold Release -Mixing Utensils With Spring fast approaching, or at least that's what I'm being told, I feel we need something... Read more »

Wood and resin – how to use them together to make coasters

wood and resin

Resin coasters are one of my favorite things to make. You can easily design them to fit the décor of a room, plus they make a great gift. What man do you know that couldn’t use a few ‘man cave’ coasters to spice up the décor a bit? These wood and resin coasters are crafty… Read more »

Resin bead making – Make your own resin beads

resin bead making The longer I craft with resin, the more I realize I have to work smarter, not harder.  Case in point....  making a resin bead doesn't necessarily have to involve a mold. Step 1:  Cut clear tube I cut varying lengths (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch) of clear, acrylic tubing.  The tubing I used had an... Read more »

How to make keepsake jewelry with resin

How to make keepsake jewelry

  If you are wondering how to make keepsake jewelry with resin, then you are going to love this project!  You can capture the thumbprint of a loved one, then use it to recreate resin pendants.  These are amazing gifts for moms and grandmoms.  It is truly a one of a kind piece of jewelry!… Read more »

Handmade jewelry making at home – Resin Diamonds bracelet

handmade jewelry making at home Handmade jewelry making at home is a great way to relax and enjoy your creative side.  It can also lead to you making gifts or perhaps even a little side-hustle business to earn some extra money!  This project takes a little skill, but once you get the hang of it, you will be making these... Read more »

Faux opal resin – make lookalike opals with resin

faux dichroic glass tutorial

Making faux opal projects with resin is easier than you think!  Not only is it fun to make these, but they will cost you only a fraction of the price or genuine opals! To make these charms, use a cabochon jewelry mold in a shape you like.  Before casting the resin, I sprayed a light… Read more »

Easy DIY resin jewelry – simple beginner project

easy diy resin jewelry

The easiest way to make multi-colored resin jewelry If you are looking for some easy DIY resin jewelry ideas, this jewelry project is just what you need.  Simply pick your resin colors and gather your resin supplies.  This super simple resin project can be completed in a weekend. Supply list: Cabochon jewelry pendant silicone mold… Read more »

How to make a resin bangle bracelet

resin bangle bracelet diy

Make your own resin bangle bracelet What do you get when you take your favorite scrapbooking paper and add some resin?  You get a fashionable resin bangle bracelet!  Here’s what you need to get started: Resin supplies list: Resin Obsession 6 oz super clear resin 10 oz mixing cups Bangle bracelet mold Stir stix Ultra… Read more »

Halloween jewelry ideas – Halloween resin jewelry tutorial

Halloween jewelry ideas

“Boo!” — Make your own Resin Halloween Ring and Earrings Set If you are looking for Halloween jewelry ideas, then you will love this simple project! Resin supplies list: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Glitter Plastic resin cabochon mold Sanding file Toothpicks Stir Stix Two-part epoxy adhesive E-6000 adhesive “B” and “O” letter beads earring… Read more »