See How Easily You Can Make A Faux Opal

Make faux opals with resinLooking for an alternative to genuine opal jewelry? Making a faux opal with resin is easier than you think. Not only is it fun to create these, but they will cost you only a fraction of the price of real opals.

By the way, if crafting with epoxy is new to you, take a moment to learn what is resin and why it’s the most amazing crafting material ever.  🤩

Supply list:

Cabochon jewelry mold
Resin mold release
Iridescent papers
Resin Obsession super clear resin
Resin Obsession opaque color pigments
1-ounce mixing cups
Stirring sticks
Safety gloves

Step 1: Choose a mold

Use a jewelry mold in a shape you like.

Step 2: Apply mold release

rectangular charm resin mold

Mist mold release over your mold and let dry. This takes 30 minutes.

The mold release ensures your faux opal charms pop out of the mold easily.

Step 3:  Cut papers

iridescent papers resin crafts

Cut iridescent papers into various sizes about the size of a dime. (You can get iridescent papers in the gift wrap section of craft stores.)

You can crinkle the papers or leave them smooth. (more coming on that)

Step 4:  Add resin

mixing epoxy resin

Mix 1 ounce of jewelry resin for this project. The super clear resin is perfect for this project because it cures crystal-clear. It releases bubbles quickly, so you aren’t stressed about getting them out of your resin.

Only fill mold cavities halfway with the mixed clear epoxy resin.

Step 5:  Add papers

iridescent papers in resin

Put your cut papers to the resin in the mold. You’ll need to move the papers around to release any trapped bubbles. When you’re happy with the first layer of your faux opal charms, cover and allow to cure.

Step 6:  Add another resin layer

adding color pigments to resin

This layer needs a color. That’s what will make your resin look like a faux opal.

Mix another 1 ounce of super clear resin, then split into 3 cups. Add opaque color pigments and stir well.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re unsure what color to use, go with black.

pouring colored resin

Pour the second layer of colored resin over the clear layer with the paper. Remove any bubbles as necessary. Cover and allow to cure.

Step 7:  Demold

Twist the mold while pulling at a faux opal edge. Your resin will peel out.

Here are the finished faux opals:

dichroic glass resin charms

The top row has charms made with crinkled iridescent papers. The bottom row has resin charms made with smooth pearlescent papers. Which faux opal style do you like better?

resin opals

You can see the difference easier in the two charms with the black opaque resin layer behind them. The crinkled paper charm is at the top and looks more like a natural opal. (at least to me)

faux opal tutorial

Finish your faux opal charms as pendants or string several together to make a bracelet.

⭐️ BONUS: Here are several options to turn resin charms into wearable jewelry.

Ready to take on more resin jewelry crafting projects?

I’ve helped thousands of artists worldwide with their resin obsession, and I’d love to help you too. I wrote the book Resin Jewelry Making, with the resin beginner in mind. It explains the basics of how to make resin jewelry plus includes several projects you can make in a weekend. Buy the ebook now and get a download link to your email in minutes.


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19 thoughts on “See How Easily You Can Make A Faux Opal

  1. I’d love to be able to say that I learned more than I thought possible by creating something that puts a smile on people’s faces. And maybe come out even when it comes to the huge expense I’ve put into this Resin Obsession I seem to love so much! Regardless, I’m a winner for finding something that I love doing… Thanks Team!!!

    1. I’m not sure you would want to (they might break when dropped). What are you trying to accomplish?

      1. I am trying to develop jewelry items for men. Having a substantial feel (a.k.a. more weight) seems to confer a higher perception of value. Hence the question.
        The first such kind of jewelry item I have in mind would be roughly around the size of a business card. I haven’t seen molds that big (so far), so I wonder, what mold making kit and clear resin would be the best to get started on it.

          1. I just hit on a new idea. To practice my design creation skills, instead of resin, why not use – water. I can freeze the art piece to a solid slab in the freezer, take a pic to see what worked and what didn’t – then let it melt and reclaim my materials. 🙂

        1. If you want more weight, consider getting there by way of framing the item in metal, which can be done using plating processes that are easy and can be done at home.

          [Late information is still information]

  2. Hi Katherine,

    Which iridescent papers / foils are you using; from which store? My local shops don’t have anything like this, so I have to order over the net. Please!

    Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Etsy is my best source for iridescent products. Search their site for “iridescent cellophane. Also as an aside, I like to use a little bit of ultrafine glitter in my first pour, usually white, iridescent, silver, or gold. It adds just a little bit more pizazz and fire to it.

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