How to use resin as a glue – make a ring with beads

How to make a bead ring with resin

Sometimes the resin doesn’t have to be the star of the show.  At least I hadn’t until I was rummaging through my bead collection and wanted to do something special with crackle glass beads. This article explains how to use resin as a glue to make a ring using the beads and other fun items from around your studio.

Step 1:  Balance the ring finding

ring prop

The bezel of the ring needs to sit flat.  An easy way to do this is to cut a hole in the lid of a plastic container, to accommodate the band, but not let the ring slip through.

Step 2:  Add a thin layer of resin

drip resin into ring bezel

You won’t need much resin to act as a glue.  Five to six drops are all I needed to coat the bezel of this ring.  (Basically the amount you can scrape off the bottom and sides of your mixing cup.)  In case you are wondering, any clear resin will do; it just needs to act as an adhesive.

We don’t have any of these square style rings anymore, but do have these round style ring findings that work great for this project:

Pro tip:  I hate wasting resin.  I like to have other projects ready to go to use leftover resin.

Step 3:  Add items to the resin

place beads into ring

Carefully place your beads, or whatever you are using, into the ring.  Hint:  You might want to think about what you’re going to do before you do it.  You don’t want to pick up items and move them all around and risk dripping resin everywhere.


Use a tool to adjust the placement of your items as necessary.  Cover and allow to cure.

Step 4:  Enjoy your finished ring


I love how this ring turned out.  It’s a fun way for me to use up the numerous beads and charms I have in my collection.

How do you like to use resin as a glue?

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  1. I used epoxy to make a tigereye ring with a copper ring finding and an extra cabochon I had left from a jewelry project.

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