How To Resin Flowers Like A Boss

Putting flowers in resin is the ultimate project. It’s such a classic look, not to mention a great way to preserve flowers for eternity. You can use wedding flowers or maybe even ones you dry from your garden. You’re going to love the final result. Let’s dive into how to resin flowers for a beautiful […]

The Easiest Way To Make A Rainbow Bracelet

Ready to learn how to make a rainbow bracelet with resin? Adding alcohol inks to clear epoxy resin is easy to get beautiful jewel-tone colors. Add more than one color, and you can get a rainbow of colors in your resin bracelet. Here’s how: Resin supply list: Resin bracelet mold Resin Obsession super clear resin […]

How To Make A Polaroid Necklace Like A Rockstar

When I think about the technology of my childhood, it seemed amazing at the time. I used my tape recorder to capture songs on the radio. I traveled the world through my View-Master. And every Christmas, I remember my grandmother taking pictures with her Polaroid camera. You could capture the moment with an instant camera […]

How To Use Two-Part Epoxy Resin As A Glue

Sometimes the resin doesn’t have to be the star of the show. Two-part epoxy resin can serve a supporting role as a glue for your crafts. That’s right. Epoxy resin is a pretty fantastic adhesive. You can use it with jewelry findings and your varied assortment of beads to make a ring. Step 1:  Balance […]


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