How To Make Resin Beads With Leftover Epoxy

How to make resin beadsSo you hate wasting resin. Me too. And here’s a fun way to use that leftover epoxy to make resin beads.

adding dye to resin

Step 1: Color your resin

Add a resin color and blend well.

mixing transparent amber color for epoxy

Step 2: Pour onto a non-stick surface


pouring colored resin onto a surface

Then, pour the colored resin onto a piece of wax paper or a silicone mat. Spread it out to a rectangle shape using a stirring stick. Cover and allow to cure partially.

Step 3: Shape the resin

peeling epoxy off wax paper

This step is critical to make these resin beads.

When the resin is formed, but bendy, peel it off the wax paper. This time varies between epoxy types. You’ll need to check on it every couple of hours after pouring.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Since the resin is still not completely cured at this point, you’ll need to wear safety gloves.

trimming resin with scissors

Use a pair of scissors (not meant for food) to cut the semi-cured resin into rectangle shapes.

resin rectangle

Your resin strip should be an even shape after trimming.

rolling epoxy resin

Start at a narrow end and roll the resin strip onto itself to make a tube. A hole will form in the center.

applying tape to a resin tube bead

Once the resin is tube shaped, you’ll need to apply a piece of tape over the end to keep it rolled up while it is curing. At this point, the resin is a tad tacky but has cured enough that it won’t stick to itself. Leave the tape on while the resin continues to cure.

glitter in epoxy

You can also make the beads glittery. A little bit of glitter goes a long way since the layers will lie over each other when rolled up.

Step 4: Assemble the finished beads

resin tube bead bracelet

After the resin is dry, remove the tap. Then, string the resin tube beads onto a stretchy bead cord. Beading wire or leather works well too.

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Resin Beads With Leftover Epoxy

  1. New to resin, but if I wanted to make charm style beads could I use this method to form around grommets and somehow smooth out the seam?

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