Why is my resin bendy? – Why is my resin flexible?

why is my resin bendyIf you are asking yourself why is my resin bendy, there are a few reasons why this can happen:

Resin needs more time to cure

While a resin is curing, it will no longer be liquid, but can be soft and pliable. If this is happening to you, double check the cure time for your resin. With any luck, you simply need to give it more time to dry.

If you are unsure what drying time and curing time mean, this article explains more: How long does it take resin to dry?

Resin poured in a thin layer

It can be normal for some resins, when poured in a thin layer, to be bendy. Some resins, especially doming resins, can be flexible after the full cure time. It may firm up by giving it more curing time, but that doesn’t always work. If you want to give the resin extra time to cure, make sure it stays warm and give it another two to seven days to fully cure.

If you aren’t sure what the ideal resin curing temperature is, this will help: Resin mixing and curing temperatures

The resin is retaining moisture

Sometimes when you use colorants not designed for resin, they will retain water in your castings. This water will keep your resin soft and may even not cure completely. If this has happened to you, be sure to check out the article how to color epoxy resin.

May be normal for this resin

In general, some resins, especially epoxy resins do not cure hard. These resins can be bendy when poured in a thin layer or can be dented with a fingernail for thicker pours.

The resin may be old

Old resin kits can collect moisture that is impacting the curing. You will know if your kit is old if it’s past its expiration date or if either or both of the component bottles are dark yellow. If this happens to you and you decide you no longer want to use the resin kit, be sure you dispose of it properly. Here’s how: How to dispose of resin

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If i add more resin to my bendy piece will it harder more. It is a thin piece. All conditions were perfect, just the amount of resin was thin. Thanks

Katherine Swift

If it’s the same resin that resulted in the bendy resin to begin with, I don’t know that adding more will help to strengthen it.

Tina Foran

I just started out and the first peices either came out slightly sticky or soft and bendy. I’m using the easy cast epoxy resin and it said curing time is 24 hours, should I wait longer to take them out of the molds? I’m afraid I’m taking them out prematurely.

Katherine Swift

It’s been my experience that EasyCast resin cures soft and bendy. You can try giving them more time, but it may not help.


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