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Resin mold release – Why I always use it

resin mold release

If you cast resin into resin molds, you might be wondering if you need a resin mold release.  I use one every time — and here’s why: In case something goes wrong The plastics and silicones used for resin mold-making are inherently designed not to stick to resin.  So if the resin isn’t supposed to… Read more »

How to store resin – keep resin usable

resin storage

Making sure your resin is stored properly will ensure a long happy life for your resin.  Here are a few suggestions on how keep your resin in its best shape for as long as possible. Resin storage 1.  Store upright in its original containers. Resin is sold in containers that are compatible with it and… Read more »

What do you need to start making resin jewelry? – Resin supply list

what do you need to start making resin jewelry

So, you want to make jewelry with resin. Awesome! The first thing you are likely asking yourself is, what do you need to start making resin jewelry? Let me break it down for you in a resin jewelry supply list to help. Resin Uh yeah, this is obvious right, but what kind of resin should… Read more »

Common resin crafting terms – learn the resin lingo

resin language

  Common resin crafting terms Have you ever felt like there is a lingo to working with resin that you just don’t quite understand?  I get it!  I felt the same way when I first started.  Here are definitions to some common resin crafting terms so you can feel confident right away knowing what all… Read more »

Why is my resin bendy? – Why is my resin flexible?

flexible resin

If you are asking yourself why is my resin bendy, there are a few reasons why this can happen: Resin needs more time to cure While a resin is curing, it will no longer be liquid, but can be soft and pliable. If this is happening to you, double check the cure time for your… Read more »

What is the best resin for jewelry? – Best jewelry resin

best jewelry resin

Creating with resin is an easy and inexpensive way to get started making your own jewelry. You don’t have to invest in precious metals or expensive equipment, and many resin jewelry making techniques can be learned from the comfort of your own home. You can use resin to make earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and… Read more »

Why is my resin sticky – my resin is sticky – why does that happen?

sticky resin

You carefully select your resin, mix the two parts together, then pour it in your project only to find the next day that it is sticky or gooey. Sticky resin has got to be one of the worst things ever. It’s incredibly frustrating! No one wants to ask themselves ‘why is my resin sticky?’ There… Read more »

Resin buying guide – your guide to selecting a resin

resin buying guide >>>Click here to get our Resin buying guide<<< When it comes to buying resin, there are so many choices!  How do you know which resin is right for you?  There is no one size fits all resin!  What may work for one project may be unsuitable for the next. If you are new to resin... Read more »