10 Tips For Banishing Resin Bubbles

Hand up if you hate bubbles in resin. Me too. Nothing ruins your resin crafts faster than finding a bubble in your cured epoxy. How about you show those bubbles who’s boss? Here are ten tips for banishing bubbles in resin. 1. Choose the right resin for your project. This tip is #1 for a […]

Why does my epoxy have dimples? 5 Reasons

The last time you left your resin, you were stoked.  You spent hours creating a masterpiece, then waited for what seemed like an eternity.  Now, you uncover your art only to find that the surface is uneven.  You see pits and voids and ask yourself, why does my epoxy have dimples? Yeah, that’s pretty aggravating. […]

Quick Guide to the Best Epoxy Resin

You’re ready to take on an epoxy resin project. (Like these super easy alcohol ink crafts.) So you dive deep into the resin rabbit hole to learn how to make something exquisite. Except when your head surfaces hours later, you’re confused about which epoxy resin is the best one. Like read enough descriptions, and they […]