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How do I know when my resin is mixed – resin mixing

mixing resin

Making sure your resin is thoroughly mixed before use is essential for complete resin curing. Otherwise, your resin may cure sticky, if at all.  So you may be asking yourself… How do I know when my resin is completely mixed? Before we get into that, you have to pay attention to your resin and hardener…. Read more »

Resin sticks to silicone – Why does my resin stick to silicone?

resin sticks to silicone

Using resin in a silicone mold is a fun way to make resin crafts and jewelry. Until it isn’t. Sometimes resin sticks to silicone and will not release. Why does resin stick to silicone? Here’s how this can happen:   Your silicone mold is at the end of its useful life. Unfortunately, silicone molds don’t… Read more »

How to fix cloudy resin – cloudy resin fixes

fix cloudy resin

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a resin project that has a frosty finish or white streaks within the resin.  Why does this happen?   Here is an article that explains why resin is cloudy. After this happens though, you might be wondering how to fix cloudy resin.  Here are a few tips: First, you need… Read more »

Cloudy resin – Why is my resin cloudy – Reasons for cloudy resin

If you are asking yourself, why is my resin cloudy, there are a few reasons why this happens: Cloudy mold surface If the mold you used to cast your resin has a cloudy surface, that same cloudy and frosty surface will impart onto your resin surface. This video explains more: For future casings, inspect the… Read more »

Resin didn’t cure – 12 reasons why your resin isn’t curing

resin didn't cure

Why didn’t my resin cure? Originally published May 2012.  Updated to latest version February 2020. This is a problem that resin newbies and seasoned professionals alike run into from time to time. Here are a few trouble areas you should evaluate in case you’re asking yourself, “Why didn’t my resin cure?” 1. How old is… Read more »

Resin craft safety – Staying safe making resin crafts

resin craft safety

Resin craft safety Originally written May 2014.  Updated February 2020. When working with resin, you don’t need to go full-blown hazmat attire, but you do need to exercise a few resin craft safety precautions to make sure you don’t do anything to harm yourself or others.  Here are a few of my basic recommendations when… Read more »

Why is my resin bendy? – Why is my resin flexible?

flexible resin

If you are asking yourself why is my resin bendy, there are a few reasons why this can happen: Resin needs more time to cure While a resin is curing, it will no longer be liquid, but can be soft and pliable. If this is happening to you, double check the cure time for your… Read more »

How long does it take resin to dry? – Resin drying time

How long does it take resin to dry

If you are asking yourself how long does it take resin to dry, I’m sorry to say there isn’t a one size fits all answer. How long it takes resin to dry is also known as the cure time. Cure times vary between resins. This information will be included with your resin kit instructions. You… Read more »

Beginner questions about resin jewelry making

resin crafting tips for beginners

  Originally published June 2012.  Updated September 2019. Frequently asked questions by those new to resin jewelry making Plus my resin jewelry making and crafting tips for beginners 1.  Is resin dangerous? You should always take the appropriate safety precautions when working with any resin. At a minimum, always wear gloves and work in well… Read more »

Why is my resin wavy? Why is my resin swirly?

why is my resin swirly

If you are asking yourself why is my resin wavy, know that this can be a completely normal occurrence. Mixing resin and hardener together When epoxy resin and hardener are first mixed together, seeing waves or swirls should expected. Sometimes they are different thicknesses or even slightly different colors. These show up as swirls when… Read more »