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How much resin do I need? – how much resin to mix?

How much resin do I need?

How much resin should I mix for a project? Originally published October 2014.  Updated May 2020. When it comes to making things with resin, one of the tricky parts is knowing how much mixed resin you’re going to need. It’s important to make sure you have enough, but of course, you don’t want to waste… Read more »

What kind of resin should I use? – Choosing a resin

choosing a resin Originally published March 2013.  Updated May 2020. If you are asking yourself 'What kind of resin should I use?', you have come to the right place. This is one of the most common questions I get asked about art, jewelry and crafts.  There is no 'one size fits all' resin, and there are MANY things... Read more »

10 tips for getting rid of resin bubbles

Hand up if you hate bubbles in resin! (I have both of mine up in case you are wondering.) Nothing can ruin the look of resin quicker than finding a bubble in your finished project. Here are my 10 tips for avoiding and getting rid of resin bubbles. 1. Choose the right resin for your… Read more »

How to clean epoxy resin tools and cups – clean resin from tools

how to clean resin tools

Learning how to clean epoxy resin tools and cups is not only a great way to save money, but it’s also a thoughtful way to reduce the amount of waste you produce when making resin art, jewelry and crafts. Here’s how I like to clean my resin tools and supplies to reuse them again: Step… Read more »

Fix holes and dents in resin – fix fish eyes in resin

fix holes and dents in resin

You have made the most fantastic color combinations and design on your art canvas or countertop only to find after the resin cured, you have holes and dents in the resin surface. These marks, also known as fish eyes in resin, can happen for several reasons. When this happens, you may find yourself asking what… Read more »

Why are there dents and holes in my resin painting?

dents and holes in resin painting

You made an amazing piece of art only to ask yourself, why are there dents and holes in my resin painting? It’s simply aggravating! These dents and holes are also known as fish eyes in resin.  On a personal note, I’ve never had one look exactly like a fisheye.  Mine look more like areas where… Read more »

Epoxy resin overheated – resin is hot and smoking

epoxy resin overheated

Something happened to me recently mixing resin that hasn’t happened in a long time. While resin getting hot is completely normal (and should happen to make sure resin cures), my epoxy resin overheated and cured in its cup in about 90 seconds. Yes, it can happen to even the most experienced of resin crafters. I… Read more »

How do I know when my resin is mixed – resin mixing

mixing resin

Making sure your resin is thoroughly mixed before use is essential for complete resin curing. Otherwise, your resin may cure sticky, if at all.  So you may be asking yourself… How do I know when my resin is completely mixed? Before we get into that, you have to pay attention to your resin and hardener…. Read more »

Resin sticks to silicone – Why does my resin stick to silicone?

resin sticks to silicone

Using resin in a silicone mold is a fun way to make resin crafts and jewelry. Until it isn’t. Sometimes resin sticks to silicone and will not release. Why does resin stick to silicone? Here’s how this can happen:   Your silicone mold is at the end of its useful life. Unfortunately, silicone molds don’t… Read more »

How to fix cloudy resin – cloudy resin fixes

fix cloudy resin

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a resin project that has a frosty finish or white streaks within the resin.  Why does this happen?   Here is an article that explains why resin is cloudy. After this happens though, you might be wondering how to fix cloudy resin.  Here are a few tips: First, you need… Read more »