How to fix sticky resin – What do I do with sticky resin?

How to fix sticky resinIf you find yourself in situation where you have sticky resin, don’t worry, you can fix it.  Here are some ways on how to fix sticky resin.

Scenario 1: The cured resin is sticky on the surface like tape.

Option 1. Recoat with another layer of freshly mixed resin and hardener.

If your resin surface is simply sticky in a few spots, you can recoat with another layer of mixed resin.  The sticky resin likely happened because you didn’t mix the resin and hardener thoroughly the first time, so be sure to pay extra attention to mixing it well this time.  You may need to build a tape dam around your piece in the case of recoating a flat surface or be prepared to handle drips over the edge. This video shows how to apply a second layer of doming resin to a resin charm.

Pro tip:  While you can apply freshly mixed resin to only the sticky spots, you will see a seam line between the old layer and the new layer.  For the best-looking results, you should recoat the entire surface. 

Option 2.  Sand off the sticky resin.

If the entire surface is sticky, you can try sanding it off.  I do this when making polyester resin pendants.   The surface of polyester resin that is exposed to air during curing will remain tacky even though the rest of the pendant is fully cured.  After sanding with several grits of wet/dry sandpaper, you will be down to a solid surface that you can finish as desired.

Option 3. Seal with a sealer spray.

Use an acrylic-based spray or resin gloss sealer spray to seal off the sticky areas.  Use in light coats.

Scenario 2: The cured resin is gooey.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself asking, ‘How do I fix gooey resin?’

If you find your resin is gooey, meaning that it’s not liquid and it’s not solid, but something like a sticky blob, I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you.  You are going to have to find a way to scrape off or scrape out the gooey resin before recoating with new resin.  Here are the five steps you need to take to fix gooey resin:

1.  Start by scraping out as much of the gooey resin as you can.

Exercise caution if using heat and solvents to remove the gooey resin. It may produce unsafe fumes.

2. If after removing the sticky resin, your resin art or charms are uneven, e.g. large craters or cracks are present, you will have to mix new resin and use it to fill the voids.

Think of it like spackling and use it to fill in gaps.  Allow to cure before moving on to the next step.

3. Sand the surface as necessary to get it even again.

This article explains how:  How to sand resin.  All the gooey resin must be gone at this point because gooey resin does not sand well.

4. Wipe clean with denatured alcohol to remove any resin dust.

5. Recoat with a new batch of freshly mixed resin.

As tempting as it may be to recoat without removing the uncured resin, don’t!  This resin could leak out later making a huge mess.

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11 thoughts on “How to fix sticky resin – What do I do with sticky resin?

  1. I made a light switch plate with polyester resin which unfortunately turned out very sticky and gooey on the unexposed side, even after 3 days. So I flipped it right side up out of the mold and left it in the sun all day. Problem solved! Now I know what to do next time this happens. Leave it in the mold and just let it sit in the sun.

    1. i’m trying this as we speak with earrings I’ve turned on a lathe. The funny thing is I dipped 6 pairs 4 dried perfect while 2 pair are still sticky after 2 days, so I put them in the sun. I hope it works

  2. samuel p belott Did leaving them in the sun work for you?? I have a frame that I poured a few months ago and one of the corners is still tacky. It’s not gooey but sticky like tape. I really am hesitant to try sanding it out because it is decorated with beach glass and shells and old jewelry. So it’s not an even surface underneath! Thanks for any help or suggestions!!

  3. Hello! Im doing coasters and love making them , but they all get stuck to the glass ? How can i avoid this from happening?
    Im selling them and feel ashamed when they tell me this happens to them🙈🥺

  4. Hi, I want to paint a design on a tray. I was thinking of using satin paint as a base colour then acrylic paints for the design before using resin to coat it. Do you think this would work please. I’m new to resin. Many thanks Lynn

  5. I made a set of geode coasters. They are sticky and bendy. Help! I mixed properly, and measured properly because I did something else with some of the resin I had left over. What can I do with them?

    1. Hi Tonya, it may be the resin you are using. In that case, there is nothing you can do to make them less bendy. Perhaps you can put a firm backing on them?

  6. I tried casting dice with silicon molds I made myself and the first attempt came out sticky, and the leftover resin I left to dry in a silicon mixing cup was sticky along the corners. I thought it was the mixing ratio to I popped them out, washed the molds and tried again, but again the dice are sticky and this time the leftover resin in the cup was completely hardened?? Both were in the same area to dry.

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