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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Katie:

    I made resin coasters and glasses tend to stick to the coasters when condensation is high. They turned out great as far as being really clear to show the photos underneath. However- what can be done to prevent glasses from sticking- no one wants to use them at this point.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Katie,

    Is the resin fully cured? When the coasters are dry and don’t have a glass on them, do they feel sticky? Are people only putting cold glasses on them or are they using them for hot drinks as well?

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    Sorry for the delay in responding. The coasters are not sticky and are fully cured. It only appears to happen with cold glasses. The issue being when it has happens the coaster sticks to the glass then has dropped off or flown off when lifting up the glass. I love the look of them and would love to make more but no one likes the glasses sticking to the surface.

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    Katherine Swift

    HI Katie,

    Since the resin is fully cured, it sounds like its a moisture condensation thing, not a resin thing. This discussion on Quora explains the physics of it:


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    Hi all,

    I know this is a while after this thread was started, but I am having the same issues with my epoxy resin coasters. Plastic cups, beer bottles, and mugs do not stick but when I put a glass cup (cold or room temperature) on the coaster it will stick after 30 seconds of resting on the coaster. Did you happen to find a solution? I would hate to attempt to re-pour another layer of epoxy resin to have the same result.

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      Has anyone found a solution to sweating glasses sticking to the resin coasters?

      They turn out beautifully, but don’t seem to function well as a coaster.


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        I too have this problem. I even let my coasters cure for 24 hours. I can make beautiful coasters, yet cold drinks set on them only leak onto the surface they are set on, and then nobody wants to use them.

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    I do not have a problem with glasses sticking to the surface, just that beverage “sweat” leaks on to the table top, rendering the coaster useless.
    Thank you,

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    Laura Holte

    Does anyone have a solution for this? I’ve thought about using Castin Craft Resin Spray, Multi-Purpose Clear Gloss Finish / Sealer. I wonder if that would solve this problem. Any other recommendations out there?

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    i have had this problem in the past, myself. this morning, i made a beautiful table top out of resin, spray paint, and mica. it is gorgeous, but i am anticipating the same issue, when glasses.. or really, anything sits on it in 1 place, for too long. so this time, im going to try a different approach.. once it has cured for several days, (i also find the longer cure time, the better the results, because some resins, in my experience, are not actually ‘completely’, —>100%<— cured for up to 2 weeks), when i put some ‘legs’ on it, i am also going to give it a good rub with furniture oil, and see if this helps keep the items from sticking. i will share my results! 🙂
    its all an experiment, anyway, right?! 🙂

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      Katherine Swift

      That’s interesting Terri! Yes, please let us know if that works.

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    Lorraine Hayes

    I want to make lots of coasters for keepsake gifts. Is Allumalite the best for coasters? The ladies are talking about cold drinks, but I’m concerned about hot beverages as well. I am a beginner and I really like this Resin Obsession.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lorraine,

      Are you using molds or using the resin to coat a surface? That will help me with a recommendation.

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      Lorraine Hayes

      Hi Katherine. I will be using both. Thank you.

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    Rebecca Monday

    I am having the same issue. I did tried using a acrylic sealant (Modge Podge sealant I believe) and it made it just as sticking after drying for a couple of hours. I am going to wait 24 hours and see if the sealant is still sticky.

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    I to am having this problem with my coffee cup. I have tried a half doz resins at least. Very annoying indeed. If any body comes up with a solution please, please share it, or I’m going to do a really funky art work on my wall of all the coasters I made!

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    I’m having the same problem. When I put hot cup on the coaster it stuck to it. Or, when I put something heavy on my resin tray it leaves mark on it.

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    Rhonda J. Hunter

    I don’t have an answer for why sweaty glasses stick to coasters, but the people at Alumilite say NEVER, NEVER, put anything hot on a resin coaster!

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    Clarence G. Hermansky

    I can only see one possible explanation. When condensation occurs on the outer surface and the water drips down to where the two surfaces contact one another, the water at this “interface” is relatively pure, which means that its surface tension is high. This high surface tension makes the disruption of the ring of water difficult, i.e. strong enough to hold the glass and coaster together as you pick up the glass.

    One way to weaken the interface would be to coat the coaster with a surfactant film that has a low surface tension in water, e.g. a fluoridated surfactant with low/slight solubility in water. If this simple fix doesn’t last very long, you might try mixing the fluro-surfactant with a binder or adhesive and coating the coaster with a very thin coating – let dry and test. A drop of water on an untreated coaster should bead up, whereas a drop on the treated coaster should wet and spread on the coaster – not bead up. Choice of binder/adhesive and Fluor-surfactant should be dilute (<1% in water or appropriate solvent), when applied to the coaster and selected to wet the coaster material. Once dry, you can test to see if your surfactant and binder/adhesive produce the desired affect.

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    Clarence G. Hermansky

    See June 6th 2019 post.

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      Debbie Aston


      I really want to tackle this problem. Glasses are sticking to my resin coasters, when the glass is lifted, so is the coaster. They fall to the ground and sometimes crack. I have three of these.

      However, I don’t understand your suggestion post. What is ‘surfactant film that has a low surface tension in water, e.g. a fluoridated surfactant with low/slight solubility in water.” Can you mention a specific product or products mixture?

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    Here is a little video I found that may be able to help with this problem! I think the girl in this video uses a varnish or something like that:


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    After one month curing i have faced same problem with my resined coasters using cup of cold water…
    No problem with mugs cold and hot neither with hot cup of coffee…

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    Jan Stern

    1. Whenever I pick up a glass that immediately feels like it’s sticking to a coaster, I automatically keep my pinky on the coaster and lift the glass with my thumb and the three other fingers. No one taught me this; I must have figured this out decades ago. Nobody else does this?
    2. When I’m making my resin coasters, I keep a “lip” at the edge to prevent “sweat” water from spilling onto the table. After removing the coaster from the mold, I use 400 grit wet sandpaper to sand off the sharp edge that always remains by turning the coaster upside down onto the wet sandpaper and swirl it in circles, leaving a bit of it of lip. Water may still be on the bottom of the glass, but the table remains unscathed.

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    Rhonda J Hunter

    Resin Obsession has two molds that reduce this problem – the mold with an “X” ridge in the center, and the Christian fish molds. The glass rests on the ridges and water goes into the little “wells”.

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