How to Remove Resin From Almost Anything

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Hey there, crafters! I know we have all found ourselves in a sticky situation, literally, with resin everywhere – on your hands, clothes, or even your carpet (hey spills happen!). Well, fear not, for I bring you the ultimate guide to de-resin-ify your life! Let’s get un-sticky and get help to remove resin!

How to Remove Resin from Skin

The “Oops, My Hands Are Now a Work of Art” Situation: Got resin on your hands? Don’t panic! I’ve found the holy grail of products. Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover works like a charm! Just massage it in like you’re wooing your skin, and then wash with soap and water. Voila! Your hands are back to their pre-art project glory. This product also works great to clean your resin tools and mixing cups!

resin remover
resin remover on skin

How to Remove Resin from Clothes

“My Favorite Shirt is Ruined!” Resin on clothes? First, I wouldn’t recommend wearing your favorite shirt when crafting (lesson learned). But if it’s too late, grab some isopropyl alcohol. Dab it on the resin until it realizes it’s not welcome. Wash the garment with hot water and pray to the laundry gods.

How to Remove Resin from Furniture

“My Table is Now a Resin Masterpiece” Scenario Resin on furniture? Grab acetone or nail polish remover (the one your sister never returned). Apply it to the resin, let it sit for a moment of silent contemplation, and then wipe it off gently with a soft cloth.

How to Remove Resin from Pets

“Help, I’ve Resin-ed My Cat!” Catastrophe (Please, be cautious!)

NOTE: Do NOT resin craft around pets! Keep them out of the crafting space altogether to avoid this CATastrope all together!

If your furry friend becomes a victim of your crafting escapades, DO NOT use chemicals. Instead, a little bit of coconut oil and a gentle comb should do the trick. And maybe apologize with some treats (and contact your vet to be on the safe side).


How to Remove Resin from Carpets

The “My Carpet is a Sticky Swamp” Episode For resin on the carpet, we have two options. If you’ve just spilled the resin and it hasn’t hardened yet hurry and grab the Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover! Add a few pumps of resin remover directly onto your spilled resin then start slowly scrapping it away. Run a vacuum over it and viola good as new!

If you didn’t catch your spill in time no problem, freeze it! Yes, you read that right. Put some ice in a plastic bag, lay it on the resin, wait for it to feel neglected and harden, then break it off gently. A vacuum cleaner will take care of the aftermath.

How to Remove Resin from Hair

“My Hair is in a Resin Bond” Predicament If your hair has bonded with resin, vegetable oil or peanut butter can be your best friends. Apply generously, wait, and gently comb out the resin. Worst case scenario, it’s a great excuse for that trendy haircut you’ve been considering.

How to Remove Resin from Wood

“I’ve just ruined my project” No need to fear! Grab a soft cloth – as fluffy as a cloud – and give it a good old dip in acetone. Gently rub the spot on your wood or concrete. Imagine you’re giving it a mini spa treatment, and who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? As the acetone works the sneaky epoxy will start loosening its grip. Use a knife or tool and start scraping away that pesky resin. Picture yourself as an archaeologist uncovering ancient treasures, but remember – we’re nurturing, not battling the wood or concrete. Careful now, let’s not turn this into a scratch fest!

river table
ocean waves

How to Remove Resin from Mold

“Oh no its stuck” Over the past couple years I’ve found a few hacks on how to get resin out of a mold. Before you pour your resin, I would recommend using a mold release. Alumilite Mold Release and Conditioner has saved and revived all of my molds I use.

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If you have already poured the resin, I would recommend letting it harden. Once hardened, it will pop right out. Then use soapy or warm water to get out any remnants.

mold release
mold release
mold release

When All Else Fails: Acceptance

Sometimes, you just have to accept that the resin is part of your life now. Embrace it! That spot on your jeans? A battle scar from your crafting journey. The tiny blob on your phone case? It’s a 3D art addition.

In conclusion, resin mishaps are just part of the creative process. Embrace the chaos, laugh at the mess, and remember: with a little bit of patience and some household items, you can overcome any sticky situation. Happy crafting and may the resin odds be ever in your favor! 🌟💫✨

Check out the YouTube Video Below on How to Use Alumilte Amazing Resin Remover!

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how to remove resin from almost anything

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