Quick Guide to the Best Epoxy Resin

You’re ready to take on an epoxy resin project. (Like these super easy alcohol ink crafts.) So you dive deep into the resin rabbit hole to learn how to make something exquisite. Except when your head surfaces hours later, you’re confused about which epoxy resin is the best one. Like read enough descriptions, and they […]

5 Waterproof Repairs You Can Make With Epoxy

Did you know epoxy resin is waterproof? If not, you’re missing out on the greatest thing since bread for fixing things around your home. Mixed resin creates a waterproof, chemical-resistant, and strong bond. And chances are you’ve got leftover resin after creating your epoxy art. The properties of epoxy can help you tackle many tasks […]

The Foolproof Epoxy Resin Buying Guide

You’re on a mission to buy resin.  You’ve got a project in your head, and resin is what you need to bring it to life. Seems simple enough, right?  Like pick a resin and magic happens. Except you’re a beginner buying your first resin.  And there are so many options it feels overwhelming.  And intimidating.  […]

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