How To Make Resin Letters Without A Mold

So you want to learn how to make resin letters. But, you want those resin letters to be a piece of epoxy art. Something that’s an attention grabber. And reflects your style. And they need to be fun to make. Resin can do all that. And you don’t even need a mold. How do you […]

How To Make A Polaroid Necklace Like A Rockstar

When I think about the technology of my childhood, it seemed amazing at the time. I used my tape recorder to capture songs on the radio. I traveled the world through my View-Master. And every Christmas, I remember my grandmother taking pictures with her Polaroid camera. You could capture the moment with an instant camera […]

How to Make An Epoxy Tumbler

by Angie Holden I have seen several resin tumbler projects and wanted to show you how to make them by marbling the resin. This project is easy and perfect for those who want to customize their drinkware. Use any insulated tumbler that you love and personalize the project with your favorite color combination. Resin supplies […]


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