This Might Be The Best Resin Bangle Tutorial

Let’s get right to this resin bangle tutorial. It’s colorful and chunky, plus it’s a great way to use leftover resin. Resin Supplies needed: Jewelry Resin Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments: Yellow, White Castin’Craft Transparent Dyes: Red, Blue Silicone bangle mold Silicone trivet with hexagon-shaped cavities Gas torch or BBQ gas lighter Measuring cups Wooden stir sticks […]

How To Fast-Track Your Resin Bead Making

When you craft with resin, it’s okay to work smarter, not harder. Case in point…. making a resin bead doesn’t have to involve a mold. Resin supply list: Clear acrylic tubing with an outer diameter of 3/8 inches and inner diameter of 1/4 inch Jeweler’s saw Masking tape Drying mat Resin Obsession super clear resin […]

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