What can I put in resin jewelry? Things to include in resin jewelry

Things to include in resin jewelryIf you are asking yourself what can I put in resin jewelry, you are going to love what you can make with resin!  There are so many things that can get put in resin to give it your own creative spin.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are ten of my favorite things to include in resin jewelry


adding glitter to transparent blue resin

Glitter is the quintessential resin additive. It requires no special skills and gives an instant sparkle to your resin jewelry.  Here’s a way to add glitter to a pendant without it taking over:

Shimmer star resin pendant


placing candy sprinkles in a resin pendant

Adding candy pieces to resin, especially if it’s something seasonal, is an easy way to make something cute to wear. Be sure to seal it first with our gloss sealer spray so the pieces will keep their color in resin.

Use candy to make Valentine’s Day candy heart pendants


glass beads in resin

Glass beads of all shapes, sizes, and colors look great in resin jewelry.  Vary the shape and colors a little bit to give your resin jewelry even more visual interest.

Here’s how I filled silver pendant settings I made myself with glass beads

Metal leaf

adding gold leaf to resin

If you have spent any time on this blog, you know how much I love metal leaf.  A little bit goes a long way to give resin a sophisticated look.

Here’s how I like to use gold leaf to make a resin ring


button resin paperweight

There is something charming about having a bunch of mismatched buttons in a piece of resin jewelry. It seems to make sense when you put them altogether in one piece of resin jewelry.

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use them to make a resin pendant

Scrapbooking papers

sizing paper to a metal bezel

While I’m not a scrapbooking crafter, I find I’m fascinated by the papers. The colors. The patterns. The textures.  It sounds like I should be a scrapbooker right?  My way of using them is to include my favorites in a resin jewelry project.

Here’s how I use scrapbooking papers in this bangle bracelet tutorial 

Transparency papers

adding words to resin pendants

This is a favorite resin DIY project. Print interesting designs or photographs onto transparency papers. Trim to fit, then include in your next resin project.  Print at home or get sheets printed at a local copy store. Either way, you don’t need to seal them before including in your project.

Here’s how to include transparency sheets in a resin pendant 


sizing up flowers in a metal bezel

Is there anything more classic than including flowers in a resin jewelry bezel? It’s such a special way to remember a moment or honor a loved one.

Here’s a resin pendant DIY with baby’s breath

Gift cards

resin charms made with gift cards

Anyone else collect colorful gift cards (Starbucks are my favorite) only to wonder what you are going to do with them?  They work perfectly in resin!

Here’s how I used recycled gift cards in resin charms

Playing cards

trimming resin

With the endless front and back patterns, you will have endless combinations for reversible resin jewelry.

Here’s how to use them to make a Queen of Hearts resin bracelet.


Here are 10 MORE ideas on things you can include in resin.  Easy resin pendant ideas.

What else do you like to put in resin jewelry?


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9 thoughts on “What can I put in resin jewelry? Things to include in resin jewelry

  1. Thank you for these great ideas. I was wondering if you could include silk flowers in a resin pendant. Do I have to seal the silk flower first? Thanks again.

  2. I am wanting to put ashes into one half of a locket but need some help please. I’ve never used resin before

  3. My question is where can I buy resin forms? I’ve been looking like crazy to find a small box but it needs to be the one that has the second smaller box or bowl to put down inside to create the box:bowl. I saw someone on tv showing how to make trinket bowls for rings or small jewelry.

    Also after you have dried your flowers should they be sealed as well and what do you use to seal objects?
    Thank you for the tips

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