Embedding transparencies in resin – Resin pendant making

How to use transparency sheets in resin pendants

by Penny Reid

resin pendant with transparency sheet

One of my favourite craft projects is creating transfers on different surfaces.  Generally, this involves printing images on paper and then using a transfer gel such as Mod podge to transfer the image to a substrate such as wood, tile, or concrete.  I set out to discover if you could transfer an image to the resin.  Paper was not an option of course so I tried transparency film. I was surprised how well embedding transparencies in resin worked! The big advantage to having the image remain and not the transparency film is that the final product is so much clearer — crystal clear in fact!

For this project, I used the talents of other artists. It is important to remember that you don’t always have to recreate the wheel.  You can support other artist’s work, give them the credit for it and make your project a collaborative one.  It will be richer for it!


Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
• Images laser printed on transparency film
Open-backed bezels
• Masking tape




Choose your images.  You can use your own photos if you wish, but I bought mine on Etsy.com from Kool Jewelry,  Then, I downloaded the images and took them to my local printer for laser printing on transparency film. Note about printing for this project, I have an inkjet printer that I experimented with and found that the image did not transfer.  It’s best if you use a high-quality laser printer to increase your chances of success with embedding transparencies in resin.

bezel and transparency


Cut out the image leaving lots of edges, do not cut out the exact size of the image.  You will need the extra bit around the edge of the image in order to peel off the transparency film later.

bezels taped for resin


Add a bezel.  I bought mine from ScrappinCop, but I also used the Nunn Design bezels and they work just as well. Tape up the sides and create a seal between the transparency film and your bezel.

resin in open bezels



Now for the fun part, pour your resin! Every time I experimented with this I used Super Clear Resin.  I had great success with this one. Fill the bezel to the top. Mine leaked a little but the good thing about using recycled copper is that it.s already scratched up so if it gets a little more scratched when I remove the spilled resin (once cured) it just adds to the look.  When life gives you lemons …

peeling tape off cured resin



bezel after tape has been peeled off the back


The next day I removed the tape and peeled off the transparency film. The image remained on the resin.

resin and transparency in a metal bezel


pendant with resin and transparencies


Flip it over and pour a little resin to seal the image where you just removed the transparency film.  You can dome it if you want, as this will give it a bit of extra pop.

Since you get 20-30 images per sheet on an 8 ½ x 11-inch transparency film, you will have lots of choices.  The black and white was my favourite!

Have you tried embedding transparencies in resin?  What do you like to add?

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29 thoughts on “Embedding transparencies in resin – Resin pendant making

  1. I tried this and it works. I had a few problems finding a laser copier; but then i’ m out in the sticks in Italy.

  2. That is so pretty! Thank you for this, just fabulous.

    My only complaint is that I would love to see more examples using different art.

    Thank you again!

  3. Amazing that you posted on this right now. I just bought a pack of transparency paper for the printer and was getting ready to experiment. Now I am so excited I cant wait!

      1. Thankyou! I have the transparency for ink jet. It has a film on the side that is printed on. Wonder if the film will make it look cloudy…

        1. I don’t print these myself, but maybe the film is simply a paper to allow you to run it through the printer??

      1. Hi Katherine,
        Unfortunately you do not ship to Nunavut, Canada 🙁 I created an account and placed a huge order only for a reply saying they do not ship to my area. I was very sad to say the least. I had to go to Amazon for molds, resin and bezels etc. Amazon ships everywhere, thank goodness!


        1. Hi Catherine,

          Yes, we ship to Canada. Costs are dependent on the weight of items in your shopping cart and desired delivery time. A full explanation of our shipping policy, including an estimate of charges, can be found here: https://www.resinobsession.com/shipping-policy/ And don’t worry if you put items into your cart to get an idea of the shipping charges. You will be given delivery options (time and cost) before needing to make a payment.

          You should know, however, that several of our products, including many of our resin products, cannot ship outside the continental U.S. or Canada.

          I’m having someone on my team reach out to you as well to offer assistance with placing an order.

  4. i heard that the resin won’t stick to the transparence film and so should have a lip of resin to seal front and back pour. But Im doing as a wall piece without the bezel. Perhaps I need to find a material to make it enclosed the same way the jewelry is.

    1. Resin will stick to transparency film. If you are looking for something resin won’t stick to, use good quality tape or wax. Resin won’t stick to either.

    2. ive done a couple of transparency photos this way and biult a wall around the edges of the image with mounting tape and sealed it with glue gun,and used a tiny bit of cooking oil on a q tip on the mounting tape wall as a mold release, then poured it onto the image as you would into a mold.

  5. I don’t understand why you are transferring the image, when people set the cut film into the resin…and i think i saw you do a tutorial on a bracelet doing such, so what is the difference? Isn’t the transparency transparent? Couldn’t you cut it to fit and let it set inside?

  6. Hello, I have the same question as Lisa H. Can we embed the transparency in the resin and leave it? Will that work just as well? Thank you.

  7. Yes you can just cut the transparency to fit your piece and leave it in! I don’t do that unless I get a precise fit. You can see the edges of the transparency so I just do it this way, but both work really well

  8. Ok but can I add the transparency to a piece that is already completed? I’m probably not explaining myself very well as I am fairly new to resin and am not sure what I am doing.

  9. Where can I buy the already printed black and white transparency sheets of trees and birds? I’m not good on computers and cant print my own.

  10. I was able to use injet transparency film to do this. I used inkjet printer and paper. It came out absolutely amazing. So it doesnt have to be laser paper.

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