12 Jewelry Making Ideas to Try in 2024

resin jewelry making ideas

New year. New things to try. So whether you’re new to working with epoxy. Or the two of you have been BFFs for a long time. This list of jewelry making ideas will inspire your creative endeavors in 2023.

epoxy pendants made with reuse greeting cardsRecycle greeting cards into pendants

Start saving your pretty cards and including them in your next jewelry project. Not only will you love the unique designs, but you’ll be recycling the cards into art too.

orange resin bracelet with glitter

Bangle bracelet

This is the classic of all resin jewelry projects. Bangle bracelets are always in style. Plus, you can make them in so many colors and shapes.

washi tape earrings with resin

Washi tape earrings

Let the colorful patterns on washi tape do the heavy lifting. All you need is your trusty pal clear doming resin to bring on the shine.

resin and leaf earrings

Leaf earrings

Start with leaf findings, then add sprinkles and resin. You’ll love the shimmer and sparkle of the resin combined with the texture of the leaves.

boho chic resin earrings

Boho earrings

Peace, love, and happiness in a pair of earrings? Well, I can’t guarantee it, but these boho earrings are the most creative place to start.

scary cat earrings

Not so scary Halloween earrings

Find cute clip art and turn them into earrings. No drawing skills required.

And making cat earrings is always one of my favorite jewelry making ideas. 😉

resin necklace

Mandala pendant

Learn the trick to turning a mandala design into something metallic and sparkly.

resin stud earrings DIY

Simple stud earrings

Ready to make resin earrings that look like you’re a metalsmithing master? Then these are the earrings or you. And no metalsmithing skills are required.

Resin beads with flowers

Stop holding onto those special occasion flowers and start using them. This is the perfect tutorial to help you do just that.


resin ring

Glitter ring

Craft that ring that will make anyone think you’re royalty.


flower pendant tutorial with resin

Flower pendant

Make resin float inside an open-backed pendant? Yes, you can do that if you know this one trick.


photo resin pendants

Photo pendants

Craft a personalized pendant for a friend or loved one. These make great keychains too!

Eager to get more jewelry making ideas?

Then you will want your copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  The instant PDF download book has helped thousands of artists and crafters worldwide make something they can’t wait to show off!  Buy now and read it this afternoon.

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9 thoughts on “12 Jewelry Making Ideas to Try in 2024

  1. I just caught up with this! Came up with these solutions:

    Try prepping mold with mold release, then a thin layer of clear or colored resin. I can see doing this in stages, in several thin layers, to get the gold flakes distributed along the outer edges of the mold. The last thin (top) layers should be resin with the gold leaf sprinkled on, then more resin. This would necessitate using a resin that is fairly quick curing to lessen time for the gold leaf to settle.
    Alternatively, you could use the gold leaf in just the top and bottom layers, the top layer being the thinnest, allowing the resin to mostly cure before pouring the top layer.

  2. Hello, I saw online that someone uses soap and water to remove their bracelet from the mild. Would you recommend this?
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Not making a bracelet but was making some resin dice, I found that the silver leaf I was using although mixed in with my coloured resin floated towards the top of the mould while it was setting. Any advice for why this may be?

    1. Hi Andrew, unfortunately, that happens sometimes. You may want to pour in layers to get your leaf to stay suspended.

  4. Can you pour the bracelet and after it’s cured mix the flakes in clear resin and do a clear coat with the resin and flakes? You would have more control over the finished look of the piece by controlling the amount and size of the flakes.

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