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matched jewelry with resin

Originally written December 2014.  Updated March 2020.

It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to make a piece of resin jewelry for myself.  One of my favorite jewelry making ideas is using gold leaf in resin.  They look so sophisticated together!

resin bangle bracelet tutorial with gold leaf

Resin supplies:

Gold leaf
Bangle bracelet mold 399
Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin.
Transparent red dye
Petrolease mold release
MIxing cups
Safety gloves
Stir stix

measuring Resin Obsession super clear resin

Step 1

Measure 30 cc of Part A and 15 cc of Part B into two separate 1-ounce plastic mixing cups.  If you’re interested in knowing why I chose to mix this amount, I used the formula in the recent blog post, How much resin do I need?


pour resin into a larger cup for mixing

Step 2

Next, pour both parts into a larger ten-ounce plastic mixing cup.  It’s important you thoroughly mix the resin.  When I’m troubleshooting customer resin mixing problems, improper mixing and/or unthorough stirring accounts for 75 percent of curing problems.  If you have never mixed it before, you can mix resin in five easy steps.

mixing Resin Obsession super clear resin

Carefully mix the two parts together for approximately 2 1/2 minutes.  Scrape your stir stick and cups several times during the mixing process.

Hint:  If you’re careful about mixing in this step, bubbles are almost never a problem.

adding red dye to resin

Step 3

To color the super clear resin, I used Alumilite red dye.  I added 3 drops of dye to the 1 1/2 ounces of mixed resin.

Note:  The Alumilite dyes are thick and can be difficult to squeeze from the bottle.  We have a video with a few tricks on how to get the Alumilite dye from the bottle.

red resin in a mixing cup

This is exactly the color I wanted.  Something ‘Christmas-y’ and transparent.

adding gold leaf to resin

Step 4

Here’s where the fun part of my jewelry ideas came into play.  I added gold leaf to my colored resin and mixed it in.

pouring red resin and gold leaf into a bangle mold

Step 5

Pour the resin and gold leaf into the mold.  Once the mold is full, ever so slightly add a little bit more resin.  It will shrink a little as it cures, so by overfilling just a smidge, your resin will cure flat.  And by the way, when you’re done, you don’t have to throw your cups away.  Click here to see how to clean resin from your reusable mixing cups.

Cover and allow to cure.

demolding gold leaf and resin bracelet

Step 6

Once cured, demold the bracelet by twisting it back and forth while pushing from the back.  Demolding bangle bracelet castings can be tedious sometimes.  We have a video on bangle bracelet demolding techniques which you may also find helpful.  If necessary, sand down any rough edges or uneven surfaces.

red resin and gold leaf bracelet

Finished jewelry set

Overall, I’m very happy with the color of the resin and how it looks with the gold leaf.  I am a bit disappointed though that the gold part can really only be seen from one side.  Next time I try this, I think I will pour a small amount of clear resin inside the bracelet first, then add some gold leaf.  I will let that cure before pouring the colored layer.  My hope is that you will be able to see the gold leaf easier and if that layer is thin enough, you won’t notice a line between it and the colored resin layer.

resin and gold leaf bracelet and earrings set

The cool part was that I had just enough resin to also cast a pair of dangle earrings using earring mold 395.  I love the gold leaf look so much that I may wear the earrings backward so you can see the gold leaf easier!

What other jewelry making ideas do you have after reading this?


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I just caught up with this! Came up with these solutions:

Try prepping mold with mold release, then a thin layer of clear or colored resin. I can see doing this in stages, in several thin layers, to get the gold flakes distributed along the outer edges of the mold. The last thin (top) layers should be resin with the gold leaf sprinkled on, then more resin. This would necessitate using a resin that is fairly quick curing to lessen time for the gold leaf to settle.
Alternatively, you could use the gold leaf in just the top and bottom layers, the top layer being the thinnest, allowing the resin to mostly cure before pouring the top layer.


Hello, I saw online that someone uses soap and water to remove their bracelet from the mild. Would you recommend this?
Thank you for your time.

Andrew Lever

Not making a bracelet but was making some resin dice, I found that the silver leaf I was using although mixed in with my coloured resin floated towards the top of the mould while it was setting. Any advice for why this may be?

Katherine Swift

Hi Andrew, unfortunately, that happens sometimes. You may want to pour in layers to get your leaf to stay suspended.


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