How To Make Mandala Pendants with Resin

I love making mandala pendants. While they look totally cool against the light and on light-colored clothing, you can’t always see the pendant’s beauty unless they get a lot of light through them. With this in mind, I created the light behind the design by using transparencies and metal leaf. By making these couple of easy upgrades, they’ll always sparkle and shine in the light, regardless of what I’m wearing.

How about I show you my tricks for making mandala pendants with resin?

resin mandala pendant


Step 1: Prep the pendant base.

I’m using 1-inch wood tiles, but you can also use scrabble tiles.


arrange wood

Add adhesive glue to each of the wood tiles. The key is to apply a light coating, then wait until the glue gets tacky. This takes 10 to 20 minutes. Once sticky, add the leaf by placing it over the wood tiles and pressing firmly.


add sizing


adding metal leaf



all leaf added to wood surface

Then, pull away the excess leafing. There will be a bunch of crumbs left, which you can reuse for future projects. Allow the leafing to dry for 12 hours.

wipe away excess leafing from the mandala pendant


metal leaf for mandala pendant base

metal leaf crumbs


Step 2: Create Mandala images.

I am using 1-inch square mandala images I purchased on Etsy from Pixel Twister for these pendants. I took the files to my local printer for printing on transparency film. Then, I used a paper punch to cut them out. You can also use scissors to cut shapes.

mandala design transparencies


cut transparencies


cut-out mandala transparency


mandala transparency cut-outs

Step 3: Glue the transparencies to the wood base.

Add a light coat of glue to the metal leaf and place the transparency on it. Push firmly to press out bubbles, then allow to dry for 24 hours.

coating tile with modge podge


affixing mandala transparency to wooden tiles


affixing mandala transparency to wooden tile

Step 4: Add clear epoxy resin.

Now it’s time to apply the resin.  I’m using the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin. It’s important to use a doming resin, instead of a resin for wood, to make these mandala pendants because there isn’t a side to hold in the resin. The crystal doming resin mixes thick, letting it stay on the tile surface.


mandala transparencies affixed to wooden tiles

After mixing the resin, add small amounts of the clear epoxy to the middle of the wooden tile. Then, use a toothpick to pull the resin to the edges. Once you have all the tiles coated, cover them, and let them cure for 24 hours.

applying resin to mandala pendants


letting clear epoxy dry on mandala jewelry


At this point, I want to justify all the extra work involved in making these mandala pendants! Here is the same image, one on paper (left) and the other with the leafing and transparency (right). The difference is that the image with the leafing pops more. It has added depth, and any way you look at it, it’s gleaming!


mandala transparency covered tile and finished resin mandala pendant

Step 5: Add a bail.

Glue on a bail using E-6000 jewelry glue to each piece, along with a necklace.

necklace supplies


gluing bail to resin mandala pendant

Done. These mandala pendants are super shiny and gleaming!


gleaming mandala pendants


Ready to become an amazing resin jewelry maker?

I promise you can.  I wrote my ebook, How to Make Resin Jewelry in Bezels, with the resin beginner in mind.  The instantly downloadable PDF book takes you from confused to confident with resin in only an afternoon. You will get all my pro tips to make resin jewelry, plus 15 projects you can recreate to keep, share, or even sell.

Originally written by Penny Reid

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2023 Resin Obsession, LLC

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44 thoughts on “How To Make Mandala Pendants with Resin

  1. Hello…I love your emails. I was wondering if you use a torch or heat gun on these small pieces to pop bubbles? Thanks…Geri Ann

  2. I love how the gold leaf completely changes the transparency from a picture to a piece of art! They’re beautiful! xx

  3. What size (brand) paper punch do you use? I’ve been unable to find one to fit a Scrabble tile perfectly. Thank you again for your help!

    1. I used a one inch wood tile and one inch images and one inch paper punch! I believe that a scrabble tile is 3/4 inches and I have seen punches in that size, try EK Tools

    2. I have never seen a scrabble tile size punch. This article uses a 1 inch punch. You can trim as necessary to fit.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I was So hopeful as I seem to be incapable of trimming in a straight line, even with guides.

  5. Great tutorial! I love the demo of the difference between those with the leaf & without it. I look forward to trying this. Where did you get the large sheets of leaf?

  6. Can I use markers or paint to paint my own mandala on the gold leaf? Just discovered resin so wanting to try new things. Thank you

    1. Yes, but you should seal them before applying the resin. Some markers and paints will fade or smudge with a resin application.

  7. Hi! I love your pendants and appreciate you sharing how to make them. I’ve made wood shaped pendants with resin, but am looking for some tips to make it easier. What is the sheet you have spread under your work? If resin flows over the edge of your pendant does it stick? I’ll be searching your site for more. You did a terrific demo. Thanks!

  8. I thought you said a scrabble tile would work? It will overlap though right? If there are none the size of a scrabble tile? 🙁

    1. You will have to trim the papers accordingly or find designs that are sized to fit scrabble tiles.

  9. I am loving this project! You are right about using gold leaf under the transparencies, it’s making a big difference. Thank You!

  10. CUTE project, Kath – I love the idea of using leaf and transparencies! Another of your fantastic ideas I’m going to do. You always keep me out of the dreaded pit of inspiration struggles…and I thank you for that. You made the directions so clear that even a beginner could handle this – let’s just hope they don’t sneeze while leafing! xx

  11. Hi! Love the tutorial! Did you place the transparent cut outs “ink up” or “ink down” on the foil?

  12. Hi, I loved the tutorial. Thank you. If possible, I would like to know how I could find the bale you used on the pendant that attaches to the the one inch tile?

  13. These are do beautiful. I’m wondering what the 2 computer programs are that you used edit the photos. Thank you so much for these instructions.

  14. So last question. Can the imitation leaf work or does it have to be real gold leaf?
    Except for the leaf and wood pieces I’m waiting on I have everything I need to get this party started. I’m very excited. I have the Chile festival coming up in a few weeks and I so wanted these there. I’m sure they will go fast cause they are awesome.

  15. Hello,
    I really like this whole design and ideas. I already have the metal square bezels that are enclosed on the sides. How would I go about filling it up to put the slide on the top?

    1. Hi Michelle, is the bezel open back? If so, you can place it on a piece of heavy duty painters tape so that the resin doesn’t seep out of the bottom in order to fill the bezel.

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