IKEA Hack: DIY Coasters With Epoxy Resin

How to use epoxy with Ikea coasters
Like all of you, I am always looking for things I can use for resin crafts. You never know where you’ll find your next idea! In this ongoing search, I recently found glass candle holders at Ikea. I’m turning them into DIY coasters and my first Ikea Hack.

DIY coasters

I made one resin coaster to see if it would work as I imagined. (See the ‘Shine’ coaster with blue sparkles in the photo at left). I thought it was pretty cool, so I made three more to have a set of four.

resin coaster supplies

Resin Supplies for this project:

-glass candleholders from Ikea
-wooden letters (or other items to embed, whatever inspires you)
Super Clear Resin and all your other supplies for mixing and pouring resin

ikea glass candle holder

STEP 1: First resin layer

First, I got my supplies ready. If you have an Ikea nearby, I’ve included a photo of the candle holder with the model. In Canada, one of these costs $1.99 each. I also used wooden letters I picked up in the Christmas sale bin of my craft store, which I stained a dark brown. Although sold for Christmas, they were some pretty generic words, like ‘Peace,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Cheer.’

adding sparkles to resin coasters

Then I added the sparkles. Randomly put the glitter in — there are no rules here! I think the big sparkles worked best for this project because they allow more see-through and take advantage of the glass bottom.

pouring resin into candle holder

Next, I added the resin.

The super clear resin works great for this project because it releases bubbles easily. Plus, it cures durable, which is a must for DIY coasters.  When I poured the clear epoxy into the coaster, I only filled enough to cover the sparkles. I needed to leave room for the thickness of the wooden letters I would add in the next step.

Said another way, I needed to be able to cover the letters in the second pour to ensure the resin would be flush with the edges of the outer rim of the coaster. It wouldn’t make a perfect DIY project or much of an Ikea hack if my coasters weren’t completely flat.

spreading sparkles in resin

I used a stick to sink any sparkles that floated up and did a brief blow with a straw to remove resin bubbles. But I didn’t try too hard. I like the bubbles in these as they show depth since they are suspended at many levels in the resin.

Finally, I covered the resin coasters and let them cure for 24 hours.

adding words to resin coastersSTEP 2: Second resin layer

I added more sparkles, then the wooden letters. I made sure the letters were straight and the glitter did not cover the words too much.

pouring resin into a glass candle holder to make a coaster

Next, I mixed and added more clear crafting resin. Again, I filled the coaster to the top, ensuring that I covered the letters and nothing was sticking up. I also confirmed the resin was flush with the edges of the outer rim of the coaster.

covering resin coasters while curing

Finally, I covered them and let them cure for 24 hours.

sparkles on cat

As part of cleaning up, I checked the cat for sparkles since she had been in the vicinity.

DIY sparkly resin coasters

STEP 3: The coasters are done!

Here they are. I’m pretty proud of my DIY coasters and new Ikea hack.

adding rubber feet to the back of a glass and resin coaster

To keep them from scratching a table, I added rubber bumpers.

DIY coasters


Resin coasters with glitter

I will wait at least a week before using them, just as an extra caution to be sure they are fully cured. Coasters are meant to take a beating, and I want them to last a long time and look good.

Ready to try a DIY coasters project but want more help?

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Originally written by Resinista Penny Reid

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18 thoughts on “IKEA Hack: DIY Coasters With Epoxy Resin

  1. Very beautiful. Wow what an inspiration thank you so much for sharing. If i may ask would this super clear resin be able to be used on a project size of 9″x10″ at approximately 1y22 inch thickness after it is done? I want to make some projects where i will be embellishing leaves.

    Thank you. Looking forward for more or your ideas.

    Brian Melching

    1. Yes, but the challenge is that we only recommend mixing no more than 3 ounces (total) of this resin at once. Otherwise, you shorten the pot life and it may cure before you can use it.

  2. Great idea…thank you for sharing! My wheels are turning thinking of all the cool things that could be embedded in these. My family might just be seeing some resin coasters for Christmas. 🙂

  3. I have this candle holder! I bought one at IKEA. I am going to make a silicon mold of this candle holder so I can make use of the entire glass area of the coaster for imbedding. I also want to keep the divot for the candle to place a glass in to collect the water condensation with glasses filled with ice. I love the idea of the rubber feet, that is such a good idea, or maybe cork feet….. Thanks!

  4. How much resin did you need for one holder? I want to repurpose the candle dishes we have from our wedding into paper weight. Going to place picture of our daughter on bottom and fill with resin and give those as her 1st birthday party favor. Any help with how much resin you used would be great!!!

    Thank you

  5. You could also turn them over so that the bottom of the candle holder – which is a smooth, unified surface – becomes the top of the coaster and the filled portion is underneath. Just remember to put the words/images in upside down . . .

  6. When pouring layers of Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin how long should you allow each layer to cure before pouring the next layer?

    1. You can wait until it fully cures, or until it reaches the gel stage, which usually happens about 45 minutes after mixing.

  7. I am doing a table top , want to stick these butterfly pictures , than use aycrilic paint to paint sunflowers .
    The last layer needs to be clear resin .
    How do I pour & create a layer of resin without dripping over ?

  8. These are great ideas! Love the look and sparkle. I do have a question about the coasters sticking to the glass after condensation forms. Is there any way to over come this problem?

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