How to apply a glossy resin layer to a painting

How to resin a painting

If you’re looking to resin a painting, here’s the math on how to calculate the amount of resin you will need:

Multiply the length (in inches) by the height (in inches) of the art.  This is number is the square inches (or area) of the painting.

A doming resin will pour as a thickness of 0.0625 inches.  Multiply the area by this number.  This is the total volume of resin you will need.

Divide the volume by 57.75 (the volume of a quart in cubic inches).  Multiply this number by 32 (ounces).  This is the amount of resin in ounces that you will need to resin your painting.

Using the painting in the video as an example:

It is 7 inches by 5 inches, which equals 35 square inches.  Multiplying this number by 0.0625 equals 2.18 cubic inches (volume of resin needed).  Dividing this number by 57.75 equals 0.0378 quarts.  Multiplying this number by 32 equals 1.2 ounces.  To break this down even further, there are 30 mililiters in an ounce.  Multiplying 30 by 1.2 equals 36 mililiters needed to resin this painting.  That means, you need 18 mililiters of Part A and 18 mililiters of Part B (Envirotex mixes as 1:1).  Since my cups didn’t have 18 mililiter marks, I just rounded up to 20 mililiters.

In case you missed the video, you can watch it here:


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@Charlotee, you can try a long lighter. Move the flame quickly as to avoid yellowing the resin. Also be careful not to let the flame touch the resin.


After the small amount of resin leftover in the plastic measuring cup that you use to mix the resin sets, does it peal off after it sets or do you clean the cup right after pouring the resin on your project? If you clean the cup right away do you use water?

Katherine Swift

When using large amounts of resin indoors, I always do it at the end of the day when I can leave the room overnight. I also have windows open (weather permitting) for fresh air or I have a fan circulating in the room. I also wear a respirator for fumes while pouring the resin.


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