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How to make resin art – how to paint with resin

how to paint with resin

If you are wondering how to make resin art, here are the simple steps to help you get started. Step 1:  Prepare your workspace. You will need a space where you can do the following: 1. Elevate the painting so resin can drip off the side 2. Can stay undisturbed for the entire cure time… Read more »

How to Resin a Photo – Resin coat a photograph

How to Resin a Photo on Canvas - IG How to Resin a Photo - Great Alternative to Framing! by Penny Reid I have no idea how it took me so long to bring together my two passions, photography, and resin! Maybe I simply needed just the right photo. This one was taken during the Annual Air Show in Toronto (where I live) and... Read more »

Surfaces for resin artwork – resin painting surfaces

surfaces for resin artwork by Becky Wanamaker Did you know that you can use a wide variety of surfaces for resin artwork? If you look around your home, you probably have many available that you never considered before. In this article, I will discuss several substrates that you can use when painting with resin. If you are new to... Read more »

Resin Painting Additives – color resin for painting

resin painting additives Mediums That Mix Well with Resin by Becky Wanamaker One of the things I love best about painting with resin is being able to incorporate a wide range of mediums into my resin paintings in addition to some of the traditional resin colorants. I am going to share some of my favorite resin painting additives that... Read more »

Fix holes and dents in resin – fix fish eyes in resin

fix holes and dents in resin

You have made the most fantastic color combinations and design on your art canvas or countertop only to find after the resin cured, you have holes and dents in the resin surface. These marks, also known as fish eyes in resin, can happen for several reasons. When this happens, you may find yourself asking what… Read more »

Why are there dents and holes in my resin painting?

dents and holes in resin painting

You made an amazing piece of art only to ask yourself, why are there dents and holes in my resin painting? It’s simply aggravating! These dents and holes are also known as fish eyes in resin.  On a personal note, I’ve never had one look exactly like a fisheye.  Mine look more like areas where… Read more »

Resin cheese board DIY – How to paint a cheese board with resin

Originally published June 2017.  Updated December 2019. by Myléne Hillam What better way to serve appetizers at your next get together than by making your own resin cheese board?  Not only are these fun to make, but your guests will be asking how you made it! Supplies for this resin cheeseboard project: Artwork resin Dispersion... Read more »

Black silver white magenta resin painting

Get ready — I’ve never started a resin painting post with this.  I love this black silver white magenta resin painting.  Seriously.  I think this is one of my favorite paintings. Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear resin.  Then, I poured off one ounce of resin, coloring it with Resin Obsession opaque black and… Read more »

How to get cells in resin – Create cells in resin paintings

cells in resin

Getting cells in resin art projects is the ultimate goal for many artists. They create unique and exciting patterns that make looking at resin art paintings very pleasing and stimulating. So exactly how do you get cells in resin? Option 1 Add a ‘repellant.’ This is an oily substance that works to repel the resin… Read more »

Pink orange white resin painting

painting 128

I thought it might be fun this week to do a dirty cup painting with two different colors in two different cups.  To change things up a bit, I decided to try warm colors.  It is fall after all.  🙂 Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear resin.  Next, I poured off one ounce… Read more »