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Pink orange white resin painting

painting 128

I thought it might be fun this week to do a dirty cup painting with two different colors in two different cups.  To change things up a bit, I decided to try warm colors.  It is fall after all.  🙂 Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear resin.  Next, I poured off one ounce… Read more »

Resin painting flip cup and dirty pour

purple resin painting 127

Because I’m not ready to give up on a resin painting flip cup and dirty pour just yet, I tried again this week with the same colors.   This time, though, I got out my dimethicone to use in the painting.  I wanted to try purple and white again and decided last week’s dirty pour flip… Read more »

Dirty pour flip cup resin painting

dirty pouf flip cup resin painting

Since I had been having luck with the Resin Obsession white pigment and the transparent pigments working well together. I wanted to revisit a flip cup dirty pour.  I have always been disappointed that they come out muddy and hoped using transparent pigments would produce different results. Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear… Read more »

Hurricane Dorian painting

resin painting 125

By living in Florida, the weather has taken up the majority of my news for the past week.  I let that inspire me to make a Hurricane Dorian painting. Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear resin, dividing it into 3 containers of resin with a smidge left over.  The three large containers of… Read more »

Resin painting white cells over purple and magenta

Oh my gosh.  If I was ever so pleasantly surprised with a painting, this was it.  I had a sinking feeling when I first started only to be amazed at the end with the resin painting white cells over purple and magenta. Resin formula I mixed six ounces of clear resin, pulling off one-half ounce… Read more »

Yellow resin painting

painting 119 yellow antique gold

It’s more transparent colors in resin this week.  This yellow resin painting comes from using orange, yellow and antique gold together over a white base. Resin formula I mixed 7 ounces of resin as I wanted to have a little extra for the white base.  Next, I then poured off about 2/3 ounce each into… Read more »

Resin painting 117

resin painting 117

I’m pleasantly surprised with how the transparent colors looked in last week’s painting, so I wanted to try again with new colors this week. Resin formula I mixed 6 ounces of resin, then poured off 1 ounce each into two smaller cups.  Four ounces were colored with Resin Obsession opaque white the other two ounces… Read more »

Resin painting with purple

I had a little time in the car a couple of weekends ago.  Okay, it was a lot of time, and it was driving me CRAZY.  To help me along, I spent a little time on Instagram where I found myself drawn to purple resin paintings.  While I wouldn’t consider myself a purple person, I… Read more »

Birthday cake resin painting

resin painting bright colors

So let’s just stipulate right away that this looks like a birthday cake resin painting.  Now that we got that 800 pound gorilla out of the way, let’s move onto the painting.  LOL I wanted to try the juicer again, but with brighter colors.  This time, I chose the magenta, teal and yellow because they are… Read more »