How To Make Vivid Ocean Waves With Resin

How to make ocean waves with resinOne of the cool things about making epoxy art is letting nature inspire you. And the beach can do that faster than it takes for you to run across the hot sand to those soothing suds. So what do you say you learn how to make ocean waves with resin?

Flip flops and beach towels are optional.

Step 1: Mix resin

You’ll want to mix enough resin for art to cover your painting surface. For this 12-inch square tile, that was 6 ounces.

💡 Pro tip: You can use this [FREE] resin calculator to help you know how much resin to mix for your resin painting.

Step 2: Color the resin

Divide the resin into three containers. Color the three containers of resin with
Resin Obsession opaque white
Resin Obsession transparent teal
Resin Obsession transparent blue

Then, color the little bit of leftover resin in your original cup with silver metallic spray paint.

Step 3: Add to the canvas

Cover the painting surface with alternating ribbons of teal and blue resin. Then, add stripes of white resin. Use a heat gun to push white resin over the blue and teal. That’s where you’re going to get the foamy-looking ocean waves.

At the end, add thin lines of the silver resin. It helps to add to the depth of the colors. Plus, the solvents in the silver paint will create cells as the resin cures.

It’s hard to describe how to make ocean waves with resin, which is why I’ve got this video:

Step 4: Show off your art

Hurricane Dorian painting

I love how this resin painting perfectly captures heavy ocean waves.

resin painting white cells

This painting will look great framed or can be a serving tray for a party.

resin painting silver cells detail

The silver makes the painting look like the deep end of the ocean.

Ready to get started with resin but confused about where to start?

It’s not your fault! There is so much information out there. How can you possibly know it all? It’s why I wrote the ebook, Resin Fundamentals.  It contains everything beginners need to know to create art that will have people saying, ‘WOW!’ Buy a copy of the PDF book, and a download link arrives in your email in minutes.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Vivid Ocean Waves With Resin

    1. Thank so much Janna! It was so stressful after preparing for a storm that (thankfully!) didn’t hit, it was a wonderful to be able to spend some time painting.


  1. How long do you let the resin sta nd before pouringveach color. Ive tried this several times and read and watched many articles and vidoesbut, you resin always eventually runs pretty much all off . Table is flat and level, just seems the resin is too thin and does stay on the board. Help.
    Ive wasted so much resin in run off that its getting expensive and frustrating. But I love the ocean and water art and really want to get it right.

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