How Much Epoxy Do I Need to Cover Art, Photos and Counters?

resin coverage for a paintingYou’re ready to give a glossy finish to photographs, art, tiles, countertops, and tables. But as you’re gathering your resin supplies and find yourself asking, how much epoxy do I need?

WAY TO GO for thinking about that now. So that you don’t mix too little or too much. You want to be the Goldilocks of the resin world and mix just the right amount.

You can jump to the answer of how much epoxy do I need or

for you rabbit-hole resin nerds, here are a few more details to know.

Why does knowing the amount of epoxy you need matter?

You want to use enough to give your surface an even, shiny finish but not so much that you mix too much and waste resin.

Before we get into answering how much epoxy I need, there are a few details to cover first:

Pretty important details, so you make something beautiful.

You need to use a doming resin for coating surfaces.

Doming resins self-level to a depth of 1/8” inch. Unlike casting resins which don’t self-level and are meant for resin molds and epoxy tables.

⭐️ BONUS: Learn more about these differences in resin for beginners.

Which specific epoxy resin should you use?

If you’re leaving it clear, use the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin. It’s got our best level of UV protection and creates a beautiful, high-gloss finish.

If you’re coloring the resin, use the Resin Obsession artwork resin. It locks in colors and has a short working time. That means your resin will thicken sooner and let you apply it to your resin painting surface.

Don’t skimp on the amount of resin.

I get it. The stuff is expensive, especially when covering large surfaces. But, when you don’t use enough resin, it pulls away from the surface, leaving voids, dimples and fisheyes.

💡 Pro tip: If you mix a little more than you need, have a few projects ready to go.   Here’s 5 leftover resin projects you can make.

Make sure your surface is clean and dry.

If you’ve made resin art using oils to create resin cells, or if your paints aren’t dry, your resin might cure sticky. If your surface feels oily, wash it with soap and water or clean it with isopropyl alcohol.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the easiest way to answer ‘How much resin do I need?’

Math is hard. This resin calculator does the math for you in either ounces or milliliters. Plus, this calculator is helpful if you are pouring in-depth other than 1/8 of an inch or are pouring several coats. Here’s how it works:

👉 Go here to get {FREE} access to the resin coverage calculator.

Want to learn more about the basics of creating with resin?

Then you’ll want a copy of Resin Fundamentals.  The ebook teaches you everything you need to know to succeed with epoxy resin from day one. Buy the PDF book for less than the cost of a resin kit, and it’s yours to read in minutes.

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13 thoughts on “How Much Epoxy Do I Need to Cover Art, Photos and Counters?

  1. Nee ik begin er maar niet aan het is mij te ingewikkeld. dank U voor de moeite!!

    1. For your hands, you should only use soap and water. Do not use solvents. If you have sticky resin on your hands, use a pumice soap.

  2. Once you have the resin calculated, how do you know how much of each part of the mix to use to get the number you calculated. You got 9.97 oz. I’ve never done this before. thanks

  3. I’ve been reading a lot of articles since I want to start working with resin. I’m not so much interested in making jewelry, but things like table tops, and wood working. Before I tackle any big projects what are some tips you have for getting used to mixing and working with resin? What types of resin would I want to be working with when using larger quantities?

  4. I’ve just recently started this new obsession and have been making coasters using tile squares. The problem I’m having after I’ve done the acrylic pour and it has cured for a few days is when I pour the resin it covers nicely but then pulls away from the edges. I’ve tried tape around the tile but then I have to sand it later because it leaves a ridge. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Hi I have never used resin before, I have done a pouring paint on a canvas(91x91cm) with acrylic paint mixed with PVA glue and water plus silicone to create cells. I would like to create shiny look by coating resin over my artwork. Whichone is the best resin to use and how much resin should I mix for the size of my canvas. Thanks

    1. Hi Elif, it sounds like you’re putting a clear epoxy coating on your artwork. In that case, you want to use the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin. According to our resin calculator (, you need 1.35 liters of mixed resin. Three of the 16-ounce crystal doming resins will cover your project and give it a shiny surface. You can buy it in our store here:

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