Leftover resin? Small resin projects to put it to good use

Things to do with leftover resinI hate wasting resin. After I work so hard to get it carefully measured and thoroughly mixed, the idea of not using every last drop makes me cringe! Here are five small resin projects I like to do when I have leftover resin:

finished poppy ring

1. Make a poppy ring. I love wearing rings. It’s a piece of jewelry that not only can others admire me wearing, but I can admire it at the same time! So, it should come as no surprise that I have a stack of these rings for almost every occasion. They are definitely attention grabbers! All you need is a piece of wax paper and a one-ounce mixing cup to get started.

mold and resin

2. Resin experiments. How many times have you wondered about … [insert your resin question here]. Start making a list of these things you want to know, then when you have leftover resin, start investigating! Can you use spices to color resin? What happens when you use nail polish to color resin? Can you cast the resin in a candle mold? Let your imagination go here, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and you will learn so much!

clear silicone clock face resin mold

3. Pick a mold and pour leftover resin in it as you get it. I love doing projects like this in big molds, such as bracelet molds or clock molds. Who cares if the colors don’t go together or aren’t evenly poured in the mold? There will never be another one like it!

Christmas tags with resin

4. Make resin papers. Instead of mixing a particular batch of resin for papers, have your extra resin ready for your small resin projects like this. What can you do with resin papers? You can turn them into gift tags or embellishments for resin journal covers. You can even add a magnet to the back to make them the perfect refrigerator decoration.

finished resin bead bracelet

5. Make resin beads. Spread resin over a non-stick surface, then manipulate it into a bead shape before it fully cures. Whoa.

If you are looking for more epoxy resin craft ideas, be sure to get a copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  It contains more resin jewelry and crafting projects that you can make in a weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Leftover resin? Small resin projects to put it to good use

  1. I love your ideas. Thank you for the emails. Been a busy year, so i save your posts in a folder, & catch up when i can. Resin is great! I also love polymer clay..Best Wishes.. Vicki..xx

  2. thank you for your ideas — always informative and fun — I used resin to coat one of my Cosmos paintings once and the left over resin got me into making jewellery — which I am SOOO enjoying !!

  3. I love everything mini. I pour up my little mini fish,paint them then add the 1cm fish to other items and put them into acorn caps off my tree and add more resin. I would like to sell some and would love for someone to tell me more about what price I should put on them

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