How To Make A Magnet With Leftover Resin And Paper

resin paper magnet tutorial

I hate wasting resin. Not using mixed resin is one of those highly uncomfortable moments for me. (Same for throwing away a perfectly good box.) If this hits home for you too, then you might want to see this. You can combine resin and paper to make a magnet.

💡 Pro tip: This project works best using a doming resin. It mixes thicker, coating your paper evenly without any voids or ‘fish eyes.’ If you want to learn more about doming resins, this article will help: what are the epoxy resin types?

Otherwise, this epoxy resin kit is perfect to use for this project:

Step 1: Cut the paper


painting resin on paper

Cut a shape of colorful scrapbooking paper and lay it onto a surface resin won’t stick to.

Step 2: Add resin


resin back of paper

Then, brush your epoxy resin over both sides. You can dip your paper in your resin cup too, but that makes this resin magnet project a bit more messy.

But then again, when doesn’t resin get messy? 😂

After coating both sides, flip the paper over and let it cure face up.

Step 3: Add art


transparency over paper

Create a graphic or text for your resin magnet to add to the paper. Canva has a lot of [FREE] options. You can use it to create graphics in various sizes.  Then, print the image onto a clear transparency sheet.

💡 Pro tip: If you don’t have a printer that works with transparency sheets, copy stores can do this for you. Print your graphics onto white paper. Then, ask them to recopy the paper onto a clear transparency sheet.

Trim the graphic to fit the paper.

Step 4: Add a second resin layer


resin over paper

Use another layer of doming resin to spread as a glue over the printed side of the paper. Then, add your art. Finally, apply more resin to give the top of the transparency a glossy, even finish.

Step 5: Add the magnet

apply magnet to epoxy paper

Once the resin is dry, apply a magnet to the back of the cured paper. You can usually find magnet strips at crafting or hardware stores.

resin paper magnet tutorial

Ta-da! You just learned how to combine resin and paper into a cute magnet.

Want to get more fun resin projects like this?

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11 thoughts on “How To Make A Magnet With Leftover Resin And Paper

  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing your experiments with us. I’m not much of an original idea person, but I can really run with someone else’s just great! Never would have thought of this one, for sure.

  2. @Lucille,

    I think you probably can print on a home computer onto transparency paper, but I just find it is easier for me to have someone else do it.

  3. What a great idea, I love working with resin. I wonder if one could print out on transparecny paper themselves. Would that work?

  4. Do you wait for the resin to dry on the first side before coating the back piece? This is an awesome idea. Love it.

  5. Do you need to coat the paper with anything before putting the resin on it? Thanks for all your awesome inspirations and awesome products!

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