How To Use Stamp Pads As Resin Molds

Hello, Resin Obsession fans! Karen Bearse here with a new experiment/playtime using stamp pads as resin molds. I have had this idea for a while, speculating in my brain. Today, I decided to act on it. Resin Supplies: -Amazing Casting Resin -Casting Supplies- measure cup, gloves, stir stick, timer. -Various stamps- I used rubber, clear, […]

How To Make Resin Papers For Die Cutters

Ever seen pretty designs on papers and thought they would be cool to include in another craft project? I’m so glad to know. That’s why I’m showing how to make resin papers that you can run through a die cutter. You’ll love the possibilities of using them in for embellishing scrapbook pages, frames, vases and […]

DIY Bookmarks With Paper and Epoxy Resin

Hello Resin Lovers! I’m showing you how to DIY bookmarks with resin and paper. We’ll also experiment with resin colors. You’re going to learn several options to DIY your bookmarks. I’m still a diehard book reader who loves the feel of paper, turning the pages as I read. Even if you’ve gone techie for your […]

How To Make A Resin Bookmark Like A Champ

Are you dying to have some fun this Halloween? (Dying and Halloween — get it??) Well, this tutorial will lift your Halloween spirit! I’m showing you how to make a boo-tiful bookmark with four simple things: resin, paper, string, and charms.     Supplies needed: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Bookmark Mold Embossing gun […]

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