Can epoxy resin be used on glass? What To Know First

Can you use resin on glassIf you’ve spent time creating with resin, you may have wondered, can epoxy resin be used on glass? In a short answer, yes. But if you’ve learned anything around here already (besides how to make a candy necklace or conversation heart jewelry), you know there’s always more to the story.

applying resin to a bezel

Epoxy resin is a strong glue.

Besides being a fun medium to create with, epoxy resin is also an excellent glue. You can use it to bond jewelry findings to your resin charms. It also glues to glass very well, provided the surface is clean. That means if a glass surface is free of dirt and oil, resin will stick to it with no trouble.

This ability to stick to almost anything is why you can’t use a glass baking dish as a resin mold. The resin clings to it, and the glass isn’t flexible to release the resin, even when you use a resin mold release.

Should you use epoxy resin on glass?

So here is where things get a little complicated. Just because glass and resin bond easily doesn’t mean bringing them together is a good idea.


Despite joining your resin and glass to create one project, it will expand and contract at different rates. When a resin and glass combo heats up and cools down, it acts as two separate items, not the one design you created.

Resin and glass used together and then kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat generally isn’t a problem. But, add weather elements to it, and the expansion and contraction cause the glass or the resin to crack. For example, a resin and glass window displayed in direct sunlight will break when there is a noticeable temperature change. Like going from hot to cold or vice versa.

Now that you know epoxy resin can be used on glass, how do you do it?

You’ll use your resin as a glue. Apply a bit of mixed epoxy to each piece, then press together. Make sure you wipe off any excess before letting the resin cure. You won’t be able to get it off once dry.

beach picture display window

What if you want to create something that looks like window panes of glass?

Instead of pouring the resin over the glass, create the window panes with resin by using a resin mold. Then, glue the resin window panes into the frame, using epoxy as glue. If you want to pour resin over window panes, display your resin art where you can protect it from temperature extremes.

⭐️ BONUS: There are a few other details to know. You can learn them in this beach picture display window tutorial.

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63 thoughts on “Can epoxy resin be used on glass? What To Know First

  1. Thank you so much for replying! I am now sure that the freezing weather is what caused the problem.

  2. I have two mirrors that I no longer need . Is it possible to pour resin on them or would I be better to use glass paints
    I live in Spain so it’s very hot here at the moment.
    Many thanks to you

  3. Hi Sue! Thank you for this information!!! Their is not much out there about using resin on glass! I am wanting to try and do a resin beach pour on a glass coffee table. I have heard about resin cracking on glass, so my question is as long as the table is kept inside out of the heat and cold then it should be fine and not crack? Also, is their one epoxy resin in particular you prefer or that you know of that works best on glass? Thank you in advance!

  4. I poured resin into a glass square floral that I received fresh flowers as a gift. I placed silk stemmed flowers in the container poured the resin (to look like water) the next morning the thick glass was cracked in two places. I have 2 more glass containers & would like to use the resin with flowers again, how can I do it without the glass breaking

  5. Hi! I have a similar issue- my grandmother passed away in March and I preserved some of the flowers from her funeral in shadow boxes. I was completely new to resin when I started the project.. gosh I wish I knew then all I know now about resin! Anyway, it cracked the glass, as I poured resin directly over the glass. I believe it was maybe too heavy, and probably got too hot when getting out bubbles. These are the only flowers I have so I can’t just start again. Should I sand down the glass completely to get to the resin, eliminating the glass completely and pour over it? Should I add more resin over the cracked glass to try to fix the crack? I’m just not sure what to do. I’m at a loss! 😔

    1. Hi Alicia, I’m afraid there aren’t any good options here. I don’t have any experience sanding glass, but I suspect it’s rather tedious. Perhaps you can create a wooden box frame for your glass, then repour resin.

  6. Hi. Thanks for the info – was just about to start a project which involved gluing 2 x 0.4cm coaster sized pieces of tempered glass together using resin, with an alcohol ink design on yupo paper sandwiched in between. Is the glass likely to crack if a hot coffee mug is put on it? Thanks.

  7. Hi I have a question about working with glass and resin. I plan on putting glass pieces on a wooden cutout then pouring resin over the top. I wasnt sure what the best way to use the resin on the piece do I resin the pieces to the wood and then pour resin over the top? I wasnt sure if i needed to just elevate the piece and let the resin run off?

  8. Hi,
    I have a question about resin and glass. I would like to combine stained glass and resin to make a window. I dont plan to pour resin over glass but in between pieces of glass. Would this be a problem or would it work?
    Thank you

  9. Hi Katherine,

    What adhesive is recommended for bonding glass to glass for making glass furnitures between UV Curing Resin and Epoxy Resin? Thank you

    1. Hi August,
      I came here looking for the same answer. Did you ever find your answer? Did you try either one or both of these? What was the outcome? I’m wanting to make a tiered glass tray and trying to figure out if I should glue it together with epoxy, UV resin or just use E6000.

  10. Hi
    I have a 36 inch round glass from an old table.
    I’d like to use it as a coffee table top. Is it possible to embed old records onto it and seal with resin?
    Thank you

  11. Hello,
    I want to put resin on wine glasses. Do you recommend this brand for this, or is there any other epoxy resin type or brand better suited for this? Thanks so much for your input!

  12. I was wondering if I can use a epoxy resin over glass tiles as grout and covering on a bathroom floor in small sections If so is there a certain thickness I should go on top of the tiles they are 4″ by 12″ tiles that will be laid in strips lengthwise across the floor?

  13. Hi, I’m still confused about resin and glass. So I got a tumbler for my birthday and I tried to use shot glasses and decorate them with resin and mica powder. They turned out pretty nice but the resin does come off if you peel it. How can I decorate bottles and glasses with resin but make it permanent?

    1. Hi Cecilia, I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. There must be something on the glass that is acting as a resist keeping the resin from sticking. You will either need to take off the surface or apply another surface that the resin will stick to.

  14. Hi Katherine,
    Thank you for the information! I am planning to do a project where I do a resin pour over an oval glass tabletop. How thick would you recommend I make the layer?

  15. I have a coffee cup 11″ round 7″ high. I want to make it look like it has coffee in it. I’m thinking about filling 3/4 full with expandable foam (great stuff brand) so I don’t have to use so much resin, then using a deep pour resin of about 1-2″ . MY QUESTION Will it stick to the sides? Do you see any problem using the foam? It will be used outside any problems? NEXT PROBLEM
    I want to cover a cigarette carton and lighter laying on top with resin HOW do I do this.
    This will be my first time using resin.

  16. Hi there!
    I’m so glad I’ve come across your page – your knowledge is incredible and thank you for sharing!
    I am looking to cover a champagne bottle with glitter (the bottle is unopened but I will open when finished).
    Can I use resin on this? It will be in the fridge and then a bucket of ice so I’m wondering if the all of these elements will impact the glass? Many thanks, Dee

    1. Hi Dee, I wouldn’t use resin on the bottle until after you’re done with it. The changes in temperature will likely make the resin pop off.

  17. I have a glass bud bowl that I laid a yellow rose bud in, put some resin in it to look like it’s floating in water, it set up and looked perfect…..until my dog knocked it off the table and broke the glass. Is there anyway I can get the rest of the glass off the resin without doing damage to the display. I’d like to save it, without the glass bowl if possible. Thank you.

  18. I am doing an art project using 6, 12×12 flat plates of glass. I want to use resin on the outside of the plates to hold them together. I will be using paint and paper between the glass plates. How might I do this? I thought of making a 13×13 box to go around it and deep enough so all the pieces are coated on the outside by the resin. Would this work?

    1. Hi Robin, I’m not clear on what you want to do. Are you wanting to use the resin like grout?

  19. Hi Katherine,
    No, have you ever seen the work of Dustin Yellin?
    I want to make a sandwich of the glass plates and put the resin on the outside of the sandwich sides to hold it together. Not on the flat larger areas.

    1. Hi Robin, I haven’t seen his work. While the resin will work as a glue, it will probably wick in between the glass and stain your papers.

  20. Hi Katherine. I’m looking into using resin inside a bell jar to give a floating item effect for Halloween. Would a deep pore resin keep the exothermic reaction down enough to keep from cracking? Would keeping the environment a specific temperature help mitigate the temperature differential while curing? Thanks in advance!

  21. Hi! I’ve dried and preserved flowers for years using silica and then arranging them in shadow boxes and glass domes. But recently I was asked to preserve a bouquet of roses that were given to a woman from her partner one day before the gifter died unexpectedly. They’ve asked about resin. I have the flowers drying right now. I’m considering trying to do resin around them in the glass vase the flowers came in. Is there a particular resin that would work for this? Or should I just do a silicone mold?

    Also, I’ll look around your website but if you have any suggestions on articles or videos that may help me, I’d be very interested. Thank you!!

  22. I have a stained glass piece with some cracks in it? Can I use resin to coat the cracked pieces to stabilize them?
    Thanks for your help.

  23. I have a 3foot x 5 foot beaytiful gold leaded glass pieve that is swanwich between two pieces of safty glass I am planning to put above double door on a remodel project…the problem One side of the safty grass took a hit and fractured into a thousand pieces…but still intact ( actually I like the effect …my question What kind of clear resin can i use to hald all in place ..this is in Houston tx we do not have extreme temp changes mostly hot /l[ke i mentioned the fractured glass actually adds an interesting look to this piece and i would like to keep !

  24. HI,
    What is the best way to get a depression (to place a bowl in ), when covering a cheese board with resin?

  25. How can you resin a square jar?
    I taped off two sides and resin one side at a time.
    What can I use to tape off on already resin side?
    Is there any glue that will peel off of the cured resin?
    I ruined a jar by using hot glue gun.

  26. Hi, I’ve never worked with resin before. I have a small birds skull I wanted to put in a small glass jar. My husband said I should pour resin into the jar around the skull to keep everything from moving around. Is this even something you can do with resin?

  27. Hi Katherine! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! My question is related to using glass rhinestones on a flat surface (like an acrylic tray or trinket dish) and then pouring resin over top to create a smooth surface. I adhered my faceted glass rhinestones to the bottom of the tray, then poured about 1/4″ of Alumilite Amazing ClearCast resin (from the craft store) over the top. I was trying to get a smooth surface with the rhinestones underneath (looking like they were “sunken” in the resin), but the problem was that when the resin cured, the facets in the rhinestones were totally invisible when looking down at the project! Do you know if that’s a common problem of trying to use faceted stones in resin? Or did I use the wrong resin? Any suggestions?

      1. Thanks Katherine! Is there any way to remedy it? I’ve seen projects on Etsy and other places where people somehow manage to do it, but I haven’t had any luck yet….

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