Beach crafts

How to make a beach picture display window

beach crafts

A beach crafts project

by Angie Holden

beach picture display window

Have great pictures from your last beach vacation and no way to display them? Turn an old window into a gorgeous beach picture display with a few craft supplies. This is perfect for those that love the ocean and beach crafts.

resin supplies

Supplies needed for your beach crafts project:
• Mod Podge
• Sand
Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Resin Obsession Bright Blue Color Pigment
Mixing cups
Stir stick
• Paint brush
• Old window
• Paint to refinish window if desired
• Hot glue and glue gun (optional)

recycled window

1. Start with any old window that you want to turn into a display for your beach photos. I gave an old window a rustic paint treatment to give it that chippy look. You can use your window as is or paint first.

applying sand to the back of a window pane

2. Start by adding the sand portion to the window. Apply the Mod Podge with a paint brush directly to the BACK of your window.

applying a thick layer of mod podge to glass

3. Completely cover the area with a thick layer of Mod Podge.

sand applied to glue on a window pane

4. Sprinkle on sand and allow to dry completely. I would recommend overnight.

sand applied to glass window pane

5. Remove any excess sand. Make sure you are happy with the look of the sand from the front of the window before continuing. You can add another layer of Mod Podge and sand if desired.

resin crafting supplies

6. We are going to pour the resin portion of the picture display next.  You may want to run a bead of hot glue all the way around where your window meets the wood on the back.  The will ensure that there are not any small holes for leaks when pouring.  Then gather your supplies for the resin portion.

mixed blue resin

7. Mix the resin according to the package directions. For this project, I wanted an incomplete mix of the color to give me an appearance that looked more like water. So I actually mixed part A and part B of the resin first then dripped in a little pigment. I did a brief stir so there was still streaks in the resin. This is NOT what the directions will indicate but that is how I got a more marbled appearance. The amount of resin will completely depend on the size of your window but you only need a thin coat.

pouring resin onto glass surface

8. Protect the area under your window then set it so that it is level with the back side up. Begin to pour the resin onto the surface and spread to a thin coat. I stopped where the sand begins. The resin made the sand take on an appearance that I did not want so I left that area with just the Mod Podge.

beach crafts diy

9. Allow to cure completely.  Then, you are ready to stick your pictures on the front of the window with some decorative tape.

beach vacation photo display

You can see in the picture that the line where the sand meets my “water” is slightly discolored. This is what the resin will do anywhere that it touches the sandy area.

DIY beach craft

I love the marbled appearance of the blue in the “water area”.  The mix of blues remind me of the ocean and that is the point right?

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What else could you make with resin and an old window besides beach crafts? Add in dried flowers, doilies, paper cutouts, butterflies, leaves, and so much more. Enjoy your beach picture display window anywhere in your home. You will love the way your beach pictures look in this gorgeous window.

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Brian Melching

I love your craftyness if there is such a w o rd. Question when resining over glass did you have to prep the glass in order for the resin to stick? I have been searching for an inexpensive way to use resin and this is an awesome idea. Also will the resin stick to clear polished acrylic? I have found a few sheets of acrylic as well as blocks and would love to use them for resin projects. Thank you for sharing all that you do.


Katherine Swift

As long as the glass is clean, the resin should adhere without any problems. Either soap/water, window cleaner or rubbing alcohol should do the trick.


This is so cute! I’ve never seen this technique – definitely on my list of crafts to try! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty


Adorable and so unique! It is so gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing at Celebrate It!


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