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How to glitter and resin a tumbler – decorate a tumbler with resin

resin a tumbler How to glitter and resin a tumbler Whether it's my fascination with glitter or my obsession with resin, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to work with both.  What better way than to glitter and resin a stainless steel tumbler!  For this project, I purchased a couple of dollar store knockoff tumblers because... Read more »

Ideas for resin – recycle a juice can lid into your next resin project

ideas for resin

How to use a juice can lid for your next resin project Originally published September 2014.  Updated May 2020. Looking for ideas for resin?  Sometimes finding your next resin project might just be one step away from the trash. One of the neat things about resin (or one its downfalls depending on how you look… Read more »

Resin paper magnet tutorial – make resin papers

Originally written January 2014.  Updated April 2020. I hate wasting resin.  I always try to have a series of ‘experiments’ ready to go whenever I have some leftover.  This resin paper magnet tutorial shows you how to use your leftover resin on a cute and thrifty crafting project. Step 1 This project works best when… Read more »

Recycled watch jewelry – Recycle flea market finds into a resin bracelet

recycled watch jewelry

Originally written August 2013.  Updated February 2020. When I went to the local flea market last fall, I bought a bag full of watches and watch parts. I managed to pull some of the faces off the watches and thought they would be cool to serve as bezels for a recycled watch jewelry resin bracelet!… Read more »

Recycled jewelry DIY – turn a watch into a resin bracelet

recycled jewelry diy

How to recycle a broken watch into a resin bracelet Originally published September 2013.  Updated February 2020. At some point, it happens.  An inexpensive watch breaks and I just can’t part with it.  Then it happens again.  Or maybe I hit a flea market and find an entire bag of watches that don’t work for… Read more »

Resin diorama pendants – how to make diorama pendants with resin

resin diorama pendants Originally published January 2018.  Updated January 2020. Now that my kids are a little older, their school projects have become a little more sophisticated.  When they had to do a diorama as a book report, I took that as an opportunity to take on my own resin diorama project. If you aren't familiar with dioramas,... Read more »

Recycled resin bracelet – turn a watch into a resin bracelet

recycled resin bracelet

How to recycle a watch into a resin bracelet Originally published September 2013.  Updated January 2020. What do you when you have a pile of old watches that no longer work?  You recycle them into a resin bracelet.   You won’t believe how easy this is! Resin supplies needed for this project: Watch with back intact… Read more »

Leftover resin? Small resin projects to put it to good use

small resin projects

I hate wasting resin. After I work so hard to get it carefully measured and thoroughly mixed, the idea of not using every last drop makes me cringe! Here are five small resin projects I like to do when I have leftover resin: 1. Make a poppy ring. I love wearing rings. It’s a piece… Read more »