How to use Juice Can Lids and Objects in Resin to make Resin Crafts

recycle found items into resin crafts

How to use a juice can lid for your next resin craft project

Looking for ideas for using objects in resin? Sometimes, finding your next resin project might just be one step away from the trash.

One of the neat things about resin (or one of its downfalls, depending on how you look at it) is that it will stick to most anything. In making a batch of lemonade recently, I realized I was almost ready to throw away a perfectly good resin reservoir.

lemondade juice can

Recycle found items for resin

Next time you’re making a frozen concentrate juice, save the juice can lid for resin crafts. Wash it well, as you will want to make sure it is clean and not sticky before use. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good way to get the lid off the other end of the can. It would not pull out and I bent it trying to cut away the cardboard with scissors.

adding resin to a juice lid

Mix and add resin

For this project, my goal was to put found objects in resin and I wanted the resin to serve the purpose of a glue. Since I needed something with a thicker viscosity, I used a doming resin. Add resin a few drops at a time to the juice lid, then spread it out to the edges. Note: You won’t need much resin for this project. By the time I was done, I estimate I used 2 ccs of resin.

placing a watch face onto glass beads

Add other recycled items to the resin

Carefully place found objects in the lid with resin. I started with tiny glass beads, which I knew would sink in the resin. I also raided one of my ‘flea market visit bags,’ which resulted in a bunch of broken watches. After breaking them apart, I used the watch faces to decorate the juice can lid.

adding glass beads to resin

Fill in with additional glass beads to cover the lid areas. Glitters for resin would work great, too. Drip in additional resin as necessary. I didn’t want to cover the watch faces in resin as I wanted the resin to act as glue. I was careful to make sure there was enough of the watch face in the resin to keep it stuck, but not enough to cover the face.

Leave your project covered and undisturbed while it cures.

recycled juice can lid resin project

Time to finish

The finished project featuring objects in resin is now ready for almost anything! Here are some ideas on what you can do with your new resin creation:

  • Add a magnet to the back and decorate your refrigerator or locker
  • Add a bar pin to the back to wear as a piece of jewelry
  • Make several of these to serve as cake top decorations

Want more ideas for putting objects in resin or creating resin jewelry? Check out Resin Jewelry Making. It will give you several ideas for making your own resin jewelry and crafts this weekend!

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17 thoughts on “How to use Juice Can Lids and Objects in Resin to make Resin Crafts

  1. Can’t you just leave the lid on the cardboard from the juice can ? Or cut most of the cardboard off. Just wndrn?!

  2. I believe you can use a safety can opener to remove the other end. Thank you for your great ideas as I have been saving lids for a “someday” project.

  3. Hi .just finished a resin painting only to find I have 3 tiny holes that I missed. Is it possible to warm a small amount of already mixed resin & fill the holes with a toothpick..🙏🏻

  4. Lovely awesome idea and it just came at the rite time when I was wondering what different & catchy stuff I can do with resin. Thanx it’s a wonderful piece of work 🙌wll try out and definitely share it on Instagram

  5. I recycle the plastic tops of the pringles cans. I print a poem and cut it out and put it in the lid and I put a layer of resin on it and it shows through the lid and I put pictures on the other side and add another layer of resin and drill a hole in it and add ribbon

  6. The metal cap ends of Pillsbury dough rolls make good pins too! (I was only using packing tape when I made pins a couple of years ago. Resin would be much cooler!) Sometimes the cardboard gets stuck. I wiggle a butter knife in, very carefully, just to bend it slightly. Sometimes soaking is needed as a last resort, but try to pull it out with pliers before soaking. Mushy cardboard can take a lot of picking out because you can’t grab it anymore.

  7. I took some electronics that were broken. I keep a big container. They can be turned into pins, etc. I’m also thinking of how to turn plastic bags into art so it doesn’t go to the im the ocean.

  8. With regard to the plastic bags, I cut mine into 1” strips and join them together with a clear glue and either knit or crochet them into useful baskets for storage!

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