Resin paper jewelry tutorial – turn papers into wearable jewelry

How to make resin paper jewelryI don’t scrapbook, but somehow find myself drawn to that section of the craft store whenever I’m in there.  I love the colors and patterns of the papers and thought it was a shame that they couldn’t be jewelry.  Until now. 

You can easily make scrapbooking decorative papers into resin paper jewelry with just a few steps. (and a little bit of leftover resin is all it takes for this project)

Step 1:  Select your design

punch scrapbook paper

I used a one-inch hole punch to cut out interesting designs from my collection of scrapbooking papers.

scrapbooking paper hole punch

Then using a 1/16 inch hole punch, I punched a hole in the papers for the jump rings or earrings.  You will want to make sure to leave enough of a margin between the hole and the edge of the paper so that your finding will not pull through.  Note:  You can always wait to punch your holes later, but I wanted to go ahead and punch the holes as a guide.  That way, I knew I was going to be happy with their placement before I brushed them with resin.

By the way, I had these papers punched and ready to go for the next time I had leftover resin, which was actually a couple of days.

Step 2:  Apply resin

brush epoxy resin onto paper

I had leftover Resin Obsession crystal doming resin for this tutorial.  I used a brush to apply a thin layer of resin to each side of the paper.  You will then need to leave them on a piece of wax paper to cure.

Step 3:  Finish papers

peeling resin papers off of wax paper

Once cured at least 24 hours, peel the resin papers off the wax paper.  Trim up edges with scissors as needed.

Not shown:  Use a hole punch to go back through the pilot holes already made.

ear wires on resin papers

Add the appropriate findings to your resin papers.

Enjoy your finished resin paper jewelry!

resin paper jewelry tutorial

Imagine the possibilities!

If you hate wasting resin like I do, then you will love these leftover resin projects.

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23 thoughts on “Resin paper jewelry tutorial – turn papers into wearable jewelry

  1. I love this idea, the possabilities of addding this resin paper to my paper bead line… oh the wonders of it all!!!
    thanks for sharing…

  2. I have question about the brush you used above to brush the resin on. (I love recycle things, and I don’t want to use things one time, but several times). Can you reuse this brush, if so how do you clean it? As a beginner, I have learn a bit, like your little measure cups are great to recycle. Before, I went through entire red solo cups package to mix resin, I am sure trash day the trash man thought I had a party. 😉

  3. @Amanda,

    To reuse the brush, clean it with acetone and a paper towel, then wash it thoroughly with a good detergent, like Dawn dish soap. No party evidence. 😉

  4. I love this idea. My kids can make these as well and they would be fun gifts. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. Where would I find the things for the necklace to go around your neck and for the earrings to go. In your ears??? & also where do they have the stuff you put over the paper.. And I’ve never seen a big hole punch before? Help

  6. @Taylor, you can find the jewelry items in ‘findings’ and the glue in ‘tools’ –> ‘supplies’. Both of these categories are on the upper left side of this page.

  7. Did you have to “treat” or seal any of the paper before adding resin to it to stop it from bleeding or getting water marks?

  8. Hi Katherine,

    I’ve been using wrapping paper and scrapbook paper to make resin jewelry, but I’ve been doming it up. This looks quite a bit easier – but when you’re painting one side of the paper, are you letting it dry before painting the other side? Or could you do them both at once if it’s on wax paper? Thanks!

      1. Thanks! One more question – when I use paper (even thick paper) it tends to sort of warp and not dry flat and smooth. Aside from the obvious – putting it under heavy books, is there anything else I can do?

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