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How to make a bottle cap resin coaster

make bottle cap coasters

Make bottle cap coasters Originally published May 2013.  Updated November 2018. Bottle cap coasters are the perfect man cave gift.  Get a few bottle caps off your guy’s favorite adult beverage, add some resin and you have an instant favorite gift! Supplies needed: Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin 6 ounce kit Round beverage coaster… Read more »

Concrete and Resin Coaster Tutorial

concrete and resin coaster tutorial How to make a concrete and resin coaster by Penny Reid Gold-leafed, Japanese, Concrete, Resin Coasters?!?! Once again, I find myself exploring Chiyogami paper (handmade silk-screened Japanese paper).  It is so pretty and unique!  At $2.50 for an 8x11 sheet, I don’t usually buy more than a couple at a time, and I try to... Read more »

Tetris Coaster DIY

Tetris coaster DIY How to make a Tetris inspired coaster By Myléne Hillam, Mill Lane Studio You’ll need: Eli-Chem Total Cast Artwork Resin Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments: Opaque Black, Orange, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Blue, Red Silcone Trivet with square cavities Square silicone coaster mold BBQ gas lighter Measuring cups Stir sticks Utility knife with cutting mat and scissors Clear... Read more »

DIY coasters

resin coaster tutorial Sparkly resin coasters DIY coasters as taught by Resinista Penny Reid Like all of you, I am always on the look out for things I can use for crafting projects.  You never know where you'll find your next idea! In this ongoing search, I recently found these glass candle holders at Ikea that I thought... Read more »

Mason jar coasters DIY

How to make mason jar coasters How to make mason jar coasters with resin Mason jar coasters DIY by Angie Holden I love mason jars and have wanted a set of mason jar lid coasters for some time. The problem with a standard mason jar lid is that is comes in two pieces and the resin would be able to seep... Read more »

How to make resin coasters

pouring resin into a coaster mold How to make resin coasters by Kate Ledum After molding small resin items, you might wonder what to do with them. One possibility is including them in another resin project, such as coasters. In the tutorial Using Pearl Ex with Resin Two Ways we made a variety of resin leaves. On the side, we also made... Read more »

Keepsake resin tile coaster

pouring resin on a tile

If you have been reading the Resin Obsession blog for awhile, you might remember last Fall when I used resin as a glaze for decorative tiles.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t super thrilled with the results, although my kids’ grandmother loved the gift.  I wanted to try the project again and did so this week.  I… Read more »

Resin tile coaster tutorial

resin tiles

How to make a resin coaster with ceramic tiles For Christmas this year, I wanted my kids to create something extra special for their Grandmother.  She is like most in that she doesn’t need much, but always appreciates anything her grandchildren make for her. I thought it would be neat for them to make something… Read more »