Why My Tetris Coaster Is Better Than Yours

Making a Tetris coaster isn’t hard. You simply need a step-by-step plan and the best resin for crafts to help you get it done. Here are the easy-to-follow steps to help you create a gamer-inspired resin coaster this weekend. Tetris coaster supply list: Resin Obsession super clear resin Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments in opaque Black, […]

10 Awesome Resin Coaster Ideas To Make In 2022

So you want to make a resin coaster, but you need some ideas.  And you need them to be easy.  Especially if you’re a resin beginner. I can help with that. Here are ideas for ten resin coaster projects. Bottle cap This is the classic resin coaster project. Grab bottle caps from your favorite beverage […]

The Easiest DIY Resin Coaster You Will Ever Make

New to resin? Wondering what you should try creating first? How about giving your DIY skills a try by crafting a resin coaster. What makes resin coasters so awesome? 1. They are fun to make. Resin coaster molds have large open spaces. That means you can include lots of fun things like glitter, beads, candies, […]


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