The Easiest DIY Resin Coaster You Will Ever Make

New to resin? Wondering what you should try creating first? How about giving your DIY skills a try by crafting a resin coaster. What makes resin coasters so awesome? 1. They are fun to make. Resin coaster molds have large open spaces. That means you can include lots of fun things like glitter, beads, candies, […]

Epoxy resin coasters – the easy way

  By Myléne Hillam, Mill Lane Studio   Epoxy resin coasters supply list: Resin Obsession deep pour casting resin Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments: Opaque Black, Orange, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Blue, Red Silcone Trivet with square cavities Square silicone coaster mold BBQ gas lighter Measuring cups Stir sticks Utility knife with cutting mat and scissors Clear packing […]


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