The A to Z of Making Geode Resin Coasters

How to make geode resin coastersIf you’ve been wondering how to make geode resin coasters, then you’re going to like love this.  You’ll learn, not one, BUT TWO ways to make the epoxy resin coasters. And the best part is that they make great gifts.  Whether you need something for a man cave or a fancy living room, geode resin coasters are the fancy accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Option 1: Closed-center resin geode

Step 1:  Gather resin supplies

To make this geode resin coaster, you’ll need:

Resin Obsession super clear resin
Silicone geode coaster mold
Mold release
– Resin colors: Resin Obsession opaque white, antique bronze powder, and bronze-colored glitter
– Rocks meant for vases to hold silk flower arrangements.
Mixing supplies

Step 2:  Apply mold release

Apply a light mist of mold release to your mold surface.  Then, let dry for at least 30 minutes before adding resin.  This ensures your resin coaster slips out easily.

Step 3:  Measure and mix the resin

measuring resin

You need to mix enough resin to fill the mold completely.  This article explains how much resin to mix based on the size of this mold.  (Hint:  It shares an easy way to do the math.)

Step 4:  Mix resin and hardener together

swirls in unmixed resin

When you mix the two parts together, you will notice swirls and cloudiness.

well mixed resin

Keep stirring.  You want the streaks to be gone and the mix to be clear.

⭐️ BONUS:  Here’s how you know when your epoxy is completely mixed.

Step 5:  Color the resin

Split the resin so you have about 1/2 to 1 ounce of mixed resin for each color, but also leave some clear.

💡 Pro tip:  The white resin blends easily with the other colors.  Mix more white resin than you think you need.

Step 6:  Add colored resin

Quickly pour white resin around the geode coaster mold edge.

Then, pour colored resin next to the white resin.  Continue pouring colored resin to get as many rings as you want.  Because the resin spreads, work quickly.   Now is not the time to go squirrel and forget what you’re doing.

Don’t worry about the resin in the mold.  It will blend together at the edges.

Finish your geode coaster by adding clear epoxy resin and glass chips to the center.

Step 7:  Remove bubbles

Use a heat gun to go over the resin surface to remove bubbles.  Then, set aside to cure for 12 hours or more.

Step 8:  Demold

demolding resin coaster from geode silicone mold

Once the resin is fully dry, peel the mold away from the geode coaster.  Sand up any rough edges so your coaster doesn’t scratch a table surface.

Step 9:  Finish the edge

To give your coaster a polished look, finish the edge with paint.  I used an acrylic bronze color.

Option 2:  Open center geode mold

Step 1:  Gather resin supplies

geode coaster resin supplies

For this second option to make geode resin coasters, the supplies are very similar.

Resin Obsession super clear resin
– Open-center silicone geode coaster mold
Mold release
– Resin colors: Resin Obsession opaque white, Pearl Ex Flamingo Pink and purple-colored glitter
– Rocks.
Mixing supplies

Follow steps 2 through 4 above for prepping your mold, measuring, and mixing the resin.

Step 5:  Color the resin

colored resin for a geode coaster

Sometimes choosing color combinations can be challenging.  If you need help deciding which colors go together, this article gives some basics on how to mix colors.

Step 6:  Add the resin to the mold

adding colored resin to a geode mold

You will want to use the same steps as above.  Pour the resin quickly into rings starting from the outer edge of the mold, starting with the white.

open geode silicone mold with resin

Add rock chips around the edge of the inside part of the mold, then cover with clear resin.

Step 7:  Remove bubbles

Don’t forget to remove bubbles from the resin surface before setting aside to cure.

Step 8:  Demold

removing geode coaster from silicone mold

Once your resin dries, peel the coaster out of the silicone geode mold.  Sand off any sharp edges.

Step 9:  Finish the edge

adding paint pen to a geode coaster edge

Go over the geode coaster edge with a paint pen.

Step 10:  Enjoy your finished geode resin coasters!


geode coasters

I love how both of these coasters have a different look to them.

The good news is that both hold a beverage bottle just fine.

Which one of these geode resin coasters is your favorite?

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