Resin paperweights – easy guide to make resin paperweights

How to make paperweightsby Jasmine Moore


Resin supplies list:

Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Castin Craft Opaque Black Dye
Castin’ Craft resin mold release
-Acrylic Paints & Paint Brush
Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
Micro Glitter
Resin paperweight mold

Space and galaxy patterns have become pretty popular lately and being one who loves space, I couldn’t help but make my own galaxy-themed resin paperweights. This resin paperweight project will work with any paperweight mold.  Using smaller molds would make fantastic jewelry as well! I recommend treating the mold with mold release, to ensure that you will be getting your hard work out of the mold.

mixing resin

Step 1

To start, I mixed Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin, 30 mL total.  Next, I filled the domes about two-thirds full.  Allow them to fully cure before moving onto the next step since they will be painted on.


painting technique with wispy edges

Before you start painting, if you aren’t comfortable with your galaxy painting skills, get a scrap piece of paper to practice painting one. For the effect I go for, I simply dab on the paint, trying to have the brush head flat. This technique will also help you out with getting good blends between the colors. Another tip is that once you get paint on the brush, don’t get more until the brush barely leaves a trail. This helps achieve good build-up and leaves certain areas more transparent, which makes them look a bit more realistic!

red paint on resin

Note:  You can use just the bottom half of a two-part silicone dome mold to make this project.

Step 2

There is no real way to mess up painting on the resin paperweight since galaxies are such organic shapes.  Here are some of my tips to make it look the best it can.

*Have some galaxy images in front of you so you can have an idea of what you want.

*When working with colors, I have three but no more than five, not including white.

*Go in chromatic order, or dark to light. For this resin paperweight, I built up the red first, dabbing on the color and giving it some shape. Then, I left some parts more transparent then others, and will go over some of it with the orange to give a good transition.

painting resin paperweights

Now repeat this with orange.

different colors of paint on cured resin

Then the yellow.

painting galaxy shapes in resin

Cover the center with a good amount of white. I also added some stars because I thought it would give it a good effect. I was so glad I did!

colored resin and glitter

Step 3

Mix more resin.  This resin will go as the next layer, on top of your painted resin surface.  I mixed 15 mL and added Castin’ Craft opaque black pigment.  For my purple/pink galaxy, I wanted to do something a bit different. I had some dark pink micro glitter and wanted to see what kind of effect that would have.


galaxy resin paperweights

Step 4

Demold your resin paperweights and finish up the edges as necessary.  If you need to sand the back to make it even, this shows you how:  How to sand resin smooth.  After unmolding, I sanded the edges and sprayed them with acrylic sealant.

I wish I had silver micro glitter because I ended up LOVING the way the glitter and resin layer looked. Each layer for these took a couple of hours for full curing since I live in the very unforgiving Illinois North, and it is either 30 degrees or 70 degrees in the Spring, so the curing for these took a while! Putting them in a resin hot box or somewhere warm will make the curing go faster.  I adore the way these look, and my friends adored them. Definitely try this out, as I think these galaxy resin paperweights would make great gifts!


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13 thoughts on “Resin paperweights – easy guide to make resin paperweights

    1. I wonder if it would be possible to layer the colors to give even more effect of depth?

      1. How do you mean? The colors of the paints are layered from dark to light, do you mean an effect with the resin?

  1. Nail polish will absolutely work! I can’t say for sure that it will have the same exact effect, since nail polishes have a smaller working time, but I’ve seen lovely effects done before!

  2. I am a complete beginner who wants to work with resin. So, the second layer of resin in this project just adheres seamlessly to the first layer? You don’t have to worry about it cracking and coming off the first layer if it gets dropped? And the painting on top of the first layer easily shows through the second layer, even though you’ve added black paint to the resin of the second layer? This is surprising. Is it a paint specially made for working with resin? I think this project is just beautiful, and I really want to try it. Thanks.

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