Resinista Penny Reid

Penny Reid

Penny Reid lives in Toronto, Canada, with her (long-time partner) Anne, (cuddly cat) Emilia and her (teeny-tiny toy poodle) Mini.  She is an active volunteer in her community and has brought her creative and crafty side to many of her volunteer roles.

Penny found her creative side starting with making mosaics, she soon discovered resin and was instantly curious about it and at the beginning tried it on everything! Penny loves that working with resin can be challenging and she is always learning something new. More recently she has started working with concrete and image transfer and has been incorporating resin into this work as well.

Penny’s designs tend to me more minimalist and simple, using resin as a primary medium or as an accent to her work. She looks forward to showing you more about what the means in future tutorials!

Find Penny on Instagram at @penny_doh

resin bowls

Read Penny’s tutorial on How to make resin bowls

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  1. I looked for the mandellas in etsy and could not find. Is there a better addy to get them> Joan these are the ones applied to the tiles. Joan

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