The Extensive Guide To DIY Flower Jewelry With Resin


Hello everybody! I am excited to share an article on how to make resin flower jewelry. This project uses pressed flowers to create stylish resin pendants that will last forever.

Whenever I am at a wedding, I snag a stem of baby’s breath. I use it to make a necklace for the bride for Christmas, their birthday, or their anniversary. Of course, you can use other flowers instead of baby’s breath. Your options for creating resin flower jewelry are endless.

First, I want to show how I dry flowers before I go into the details of making the pendant itself.

flowers and book


Part A:  Drying flowers

To start, if you don’t have any baby’s breath and need some, you can ask your local florist for a stem. I paid 50 cents for two stems, so they won’t break your bank. You do not need much unless you plan on making these in bulk. A few heavy books and some paper towels are essential for drying.

flowers on paper towel


Step 1:  Pick flowers

Open to a random page in the book’s center and place a paper towel. Then, start breaking pieces off the main stem randomly. Because I knew I was working with more oversized pendants, I kept about 3 to 6 flowers on a stem. When I’m working with small pendants, I’ll take individual flowers off the stem to press as well.

paper towel for flower pressing


Step 2: Press

When you have filled out the page with flowers, place another paper towel on top of the flowers. Then, shut the book or carefully flip to another page to repeat the process. The paper towels absorb moisture from the flowers.


baby's breath being pressed between two heavy books

Step 3: Add weights

After pressing all your flowers, close the book and add a few more heavy books on top. I let mine stay pressed like this for about two weeks. Some flowers require more time, but I find with baby’s breath, the moisture is gone after two weeks. Then, a flower is flat enough to place inside jewelry blanks and fill with resin.

dried flowers for resin jewelry


Step 4: A flower for resin jewelry

Here’s what the flowers look like dried. Be careful removing them from the paper towels. They may stick, and the flowers can tear.


Part B:  Making a pendant

Resin supplies list

Resin Obsession crystal doming resin
Metal jewelry blank for resin
Acrylic paint
Paint Brush
Mixing Cups
Nitrile gloves
Stirring utensils
Pressed Flowers

Step 1:  Choose flowers

sizing a flower for resin jewelry

flower in resin jewelry blank

Find a few flower stems you want to use for your resin jewelry. You may need to trim them to fit inside the pendant.

Step 2:  Paint the pendant base

adding dots of red color



jewelry blanks

Shake the paint vigorously, making sure the cap is on. (Yes, that is likely common sense, but I made a huge mess, so I’ll mention it just in case.) Add a few drops of the color to the pendant base. Use a paintbrush to cover the inside with a thin coat. I painted the background of the pendant because we will only be using a thin layer of colored resin. This gives it added depth.

Step 3:  Mix resin

resin mixed in plastic measuring cup

Combine 1/2 ounce each of resin and hardener. Mix together thoroughly.


Step 4: Color the resin

resin drops in resin

mixing resin for flower jewelry

Splash a few drops of the paint into the resin mixture and stir. If you are unhappy with the color, you can always add more to make it darker and more opaque. However, be careful not to add too much, because it can make your resin bendy and soft.

Step 5:  Add resin to the pendant

pouring resin mix into pendant

resin mix in pendant

Pour a dollop of resin into the pendant, just enough to coat the bottom. Use your stirring stick to spread it into the corners of the bezel blank.

This resin base coat adds more color to the pendant and acts as glue for the flowers. Don’t add too much.  You need to leave room for a second resin layer.

Step 6:  Add flowers

epoxy pendant with flowers



Place your flowers into the pendant, lightly setting them on top of the resin. You can use a toothpick to arrange the flowers. Don’t push them into the resin, or they may be dyed the color of your paint.

Wait 24 hours for the resin to cure.

Tip:  Because flowers can change color when they get wet in resin, it’s a good idea to seal them with a clear-drying, acrylic spray first.

resin pendant with flowers

Step 7: Add clear resin

After the pendant base cures, mix another ounce of clear epoxy resin for the next layer. You may not need that much, but I always like to play it safe. Here are some fun projects to do with leftover resin should you have any.

Step 8:  Fill with resin

resin being poured into flower resin pendant

Slowly pour the resin into a flower jewelry pendant. Start in the center, then use a slower flow to ensure you reach the corners.

resin flower pendant

Pour enough resin to get a slight dome over the top of the lip of the pendant. To do this without creating an overflow, I fill to the brim, then use my stirring stick to add more resin, a few drops at a time.

Step 9:  Remove bubbles

popping bubbles in resin flower pendant jewelry with lighter

I used a lighter flame to pop bubbles on the resin surface. Don’t touch the flame to the resin. Just sweep it close to the surface a few times, and you’re all set.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can use a heat gun to pop bubbles over the top of the resin.

Let cure for 24 hours.


resin flower jewelry pendant

Once the resin is hard and no longer sticky, you’re almost done. I added a jump ring and a necklace chain to finish this project.

Now it’s time to show off your resin flower jewelry. Enjoy!

Ready to dive into making resin jewelry but confused about the steps you need to take?

I’ve been there too. It’s why I wrote the ebook How to Make Resin Jewelry with Bezels.  I’ve geared it towards beginners to help you feel confident when doing your resin jewelry projects. Buy now and have the PDF book to read in a few minutes.

Originally written by Michele Rober

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2023 Resin Obsession, LLC

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17 thoughts on “The Extensive Guide To DIY Flower Jewelry With Resin

  1. I love this pendant! I have a problem pouring resin. I tend to over fill my molds and at times, my arm jerks making a big mess. I wonder if I put it in a turkey injector after I have mixed the resin would that help?

    1. You should look into pipettes! They are kind of like mini turkey basters . I think most craft stores should have them, but for sure you can find them online.

    1. Did you ever check to see if there was a difference with the resin spray to shield the flowers? I’d love to see your results!

  2. I was wondering if there was a difference between the treated baby’s breath an not treated after a few months? If it’s been past a few months since doing this project..

  3. I was also wondering if there was a difference between the treated baby’s breath an not treated after a few months?

  4. Hello! I was wondering if using other methods of drying would be as affective as pressing them? Like could I use the air drying method for this? Please let me know

  5. Excelente trabajo…. pero hice lo que dice con pétalos de rosa y cambiaron de color… cómo evito el cambio de color de los pétalos? gracias por la respuesta…

    1. hola ! tenes que secarlos en el polvillo para sacar humedad de los placards….ricolsec es la marca en Argentina . Es lo que viene en esas bolsitas pequeñas debtro de carteras o bolsos importados. Cubris la flor debtro de un recipiente y lo dejas unos dias. Hay tutoriales en Internet. Saludos

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