Can You Put Fresh Flowers In Resin? SEE The Results

can you put fresh flowers in resinIf you’ve ever had beautiful flowers, you might have thought about ways to preserve them. You might even be asking yourself if you can put fresh flowers in resin.

Here’s the short answer: NO. Within seconds of hitting the resin, they will shrivel and turn brown.

How do I know?  Because I tried.

The good news is that you can use your fresh flowers in resin with some preparation.

Step 1: Plan what you want to make with your fresh flowers

You must know how you want your flowers to look in epoxy resin. Specifically, do you want flat flowers for jewelry bezel blanks or jewelry molds,

Or do you want to keep the flowers three-dimensional so you can include them in paperweight molds?

Knowing this will help you choose the best method for drying your flowers.

Step 2: Dry the flowers

Once you know what you want to make, dry your flowers. Ensure you have all the supplies you need to dry them before you have your fresh flowers. You want to preserve them when they look their best and have the most color.

What are your options for drying flowers?

If you want flat flowers, you can use a press and dry them in the microwave. This option is good because it only takes one to two minutes to dry the flowers.  Otherwise, if you aren’t in a hurry to use your flowers with resin, you can dry them in between the pages of a heavy book. This method is less hands-on but does take a couple of weeks.

If you want your flowers to keep their natural shape, you’ll want to dry them with flower desiccant.  Put the flowers and drying agent into a container, then let them dry over the next one to two weeks. This is the best way for your flowers to keep their formed and natural look.

Step 3: Seal the flowers

Now that your flowers are dry, you may need to seal them. Why? Some flowers will turn dark in resin.

💡 Pro tip: Unsure if your flower will keep its color? Get it wet. If it changes color in water, it will change color in resin.

How do you seal flowers to include in resin?

The easiest way is to coat them with two to three light layers of clear acrylic spray. Apply the spray in light coats, waiting 20 minutes to dry between layers. Wait 24 hours after the final coat to let them thoroughly dry before including them in resin. Not only does this seal the flowers, but it also makes them stiffer and easier to handle.

If you can’t get sealer spray, apply a couple of layers of clear-drying white glue.


Your flowers are now ready to include in your next resin project. So, now that you know you can put fresh flowers in resin after preparing them, what will you make?

Looking for resin and flower project inspiration?

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12 thoughts on “Can You Put Fresh Flowers In Resin? SEE The Results

      1. Stiffy glue is normally used for fabrics, yarn. I haven’t seen it in craft stores for awhile. I had a friend that would blow up a balloon take the thin crochet thread wrap the balloon with it and saturate the balloon with it (it dries clear.) Then when it dried pop the balloon and your left with a shell. She would cut an opening and decorate the inside it and would set it on a styra foam wreath for a base. It looked egg shaped but very beautiful.

  1. We did something like this for VBS one year. We used diluted white Elmer’s glue I believe. I’ll post the directions if I find them.

    PS THANK YOU Katherine for this site! I was googling for fresh flowers in resin crafts.


  2. I have just had my wedding flowers done in resin I got sent a picture of my flowers dried the lillies were white and the roses were white I’ve received the finished product today I’m so upset and not what I thought they would look like the lillies are slightly brown and almost transparent the roses almost look like they are covering in something I’m so disappointed and 540 pounds worse off

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